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Birthstone Gems – Where Did This Idea Come From?

Think birthstone Gems, and your mind traipses past myriad rare and natural, precious and semi-precious gemstones that flicker incessantly. It just takes a drizzle of diamonds, loose sapphires and emerald gemstones or the enchanting array of alexandrite, Amethyst, aquamarine, topaz, tourmaline and gemstone ruby to make you effulgent to a degree rarely noticed on your normally austere visage.  

But these stunning works of nature have more to them than merely enhancing the seductive appeal of the wearer. If you are thinking, ‘birthstone gems – where did this idea come from?’ the expansive account that follows is sure to tickle and tantalize your imagination like never before.

A Rich Legacy that Spans Centuries and Civilizations 

Folklore has it that birthstone gems originated in the ancient civilizations of India and Babylon as early as 3000 BC. These rare gems established their sway over the hearts and minds of people with the help of their sheer mystique and magnetism. Their unshakable faith in the connection between planets and gems gave rise to the zodiac system, followed as a matter of scriptural routine till date.

Some experts trace their roots to the Bible, and believe that the 12-jeweled breastplate worn by Aaron, the brother of Moses, was responsible for gemstones acquiring such a tremendous cultural and religious heft. Many historians argue that they are actually linked to the mighty edifice of ancient Atlantis. However, those with strong Pagan roots are decidedly unambiguous when they say that Birthstones are their religion’s gift to the world. 

Despite the diametrically different connotations, the common thread that runs through them all is the unshakable faith that wearing the birthstone gem brings good luck, prosperity and fortune.

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