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Gemstones in Life



Man has a free will to take birth at a particular time; even caesarian operation is also well designed act. As soon as child takes birth a moment is destiny is decided when he takes first breath in the world till he takes last breath in this world.

Astrology is a science. Sun is a biggest planet so we can see its rays and effect by our own eyes but other planets are small so we can not see the effects by our own eyes but it does work.

In the horoscope position of planets are mentioned. Every planet is also rotating in the sky. Part of the sky there planets are rotating are given the name which is called sign. Every sign has its own effect. Similarly planets while passing from that sign gets its effects which decides the reason of a persons happening in his life. Every planets has its own element, our body is made out of five elements – Wind, Water, Sky, Earth and Fire. Rays of the planets influence these elements which are in human being and it results in to every single happening in the life of a person. Say for an example if there is a shortage of vitamin B in a person doctor prescribes its drugs to cure. Similarly if planet is weak man is attracting less rays of that planet which imbalance the elements in human body results into problems in life. In this situation a gemstone of that particular planet is advised to wear in a ring so that small gemstone attracts more rays of that planet and enters in the body which gives positive energy and helps in maintaing the same. Wearing ring of the planet helps the person a lot. It can only be decided from the chart of planets by an expert Astrologer. AstroMyFriend.com is there to give you a precious advice from your chart.

Remember time does not wait for anybody.

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