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Marriage And Relationship

Over a period of last hundred years if we see ratio of divorce cases has increased like anything, in some country it has amounted to 30%. In other country where divorce is ethically not advisable there we see incidents of house-breaks, quarrels and unhappiness in the life.

Normally, man and woman meet each other, know each other and then they enter in the boundary of marriage. Even qualified people well learned people of well advanced country and yet after six months of marriage problems starts. There adjustments towards each other fails and result in to divorce. In certain advanced country legally divorce process are fast and so fastly marriage life meets with its unpleasant ends.

While so? Both the people have chosen each other married by swearing God in the presence of hundreds of people with the blessings of parents and so many well wishers. Yet why do they depart? Why they prefer to split? These kinds of questions may arise in the mind of people. What is a solution to these problems? In order to know the answer we may have to go deep in to their life.

Every person whether he is a young man or woman he has his own test, choice, liking, fantasy, demand of sex, own expectations, dreams, approach to the issues of life and many other things.

There can be many reasons and every couple will so reasons according to their thinking given by the culture of their country. In sex free country, advanced country where financial problems are less, percentage of educated people are high, one can expect that divorce cases in such country should be less but to our surprise picture is totally different. Why? Apparently from fist look we may take is for granted, the reasons normally appears. Yet is it enough to satisfy the generation heading towards marriage. Every couple gets marry with a promise given to each other that they will never depart. Even father at the time of marriage while doing process says that you will never depart till death and when man and woman says “I do” means we will not, then he declares them as husband and wife. Yet they depart and cases of house-breaks are also increasing like anything.

What is a foundation of marriage? On which the building of marriage stands? How one can make his life happy? These are the questions raising their heads.

Marriage and happy relationships between husband and wife depends upon various reasons. One of the main factors is happy and healthy physical relationships in between both of them. Before marriage this relationship is always good as they don’t have much more responsibilities towards each other. As soon as they marry they start facing problems. Life is not a bed of roses problems are bound to come so both of them try to adjust each other to make the life happy. Even though in case of most people it has been seen that they try to maintain their identity and they do not respect the identity of others which also results into clashes. We recognize this as a clash of personality. Basically both should try to make each other happy and for that according to the requirement of situation one should adjust with other. But if they do not adjust with each other then marriage results into breaks.

Looking to this issue Astrology has a good answer. An expert Astrologer can find out from the horoscope about the demand of sex, test of a person, his thinking about life, likes and dislikes whether he will give respect to his partner’s desire or not and lastly how their bedroom affairs are going to be?

That is why in some country people believe in horoscope matching before marriage. It may so happen even after matching the horoscope marriage may fail. Even then the Astrology is a science is not wrong. Perhaps the interpretation of the Astrologer could be wrong. Knowledge is like a Sea and man can gather handful of pebbles from the shore. As a matter of fact one good Astrologer with loving compassion read the horoscope, he can find out everything. With a honest desire to make to people happy.  If he sees the horoscope even nature will also help him to reach to the best for both of them.

Astrology is not a science of belief. Some people proudly say that they don’t believe in Astrology and try to justify their knowledgelessness of the science. As a matter of fact Astrological guidance is a blessing for mankind. Most people marry a person from their appearance, some people give importance to financial position and may compromise for rest of the things and they invite hell of problems.

Life which was looking like heaven in the beginning only after few months turns into hell.

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