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Gemstones -Semi Precious Stones

Gemstones serve as valuable agents of electromagnetic energy that influences the electrochemical nature of the human organism. Gems are being widely used as a popular astrological remedy to negate adverse planetary influences. They transmit cosmic rays that counteract negative vibrations of planets. Ancient Indian scriptures ‘Vedas’ contain the most complete descriptions and scientific knowledge of gemstones, their description, potencies and prescriptions for effective usage. Colourful Gems are naturally beautiful and hence attracting mankind for thousands of years. Historically, there are numerous references to the use of gemstones by ancient kings to improve their fortunes for expanding their influence and winning wars. It implies that it brought forth immense good fortune. They are not mere fashion material but are healing stones absorb and produce specific energies that are related to the frequencies of the light that they receive. It increases the flow of positive and constructive vibrations by strengthening favorable planets, which might otherwise be weak in the horoscope. Here there is information for some semi precious stones as below

AmethystAmethyst- Connection to the Divine, Purification and Protection, spiritual love, healing and wisdom.  Soothing and calming influence. Opening of the Psychic centers, intoxication, spiritual power, February Month birth Stone Stone

TurquoiseTurquoise -- Luck, Love, Healing, Used to calm emotions and overstimulated minds. Induces wisdom and understanding.  A stone of friendship and protection.

kyaniteBlue Kyanite -- Enhances creative expression, Opens way to astral travel and action on a higher plane.

TopazTopaz - Brings out individuality and creative power, Will calm the emotions, Vibration quality of light, of joy, of love.

Lapis LazuliLapis Lazuli -- Stimulates creativity, Cleanses and aligns ethereal, mental and spiritual bodies, Wisdom and universal insight.

Tiger EyeTiger Eye -- Beneficial For Confidence, Remove Bad Dreams, Focusing of the mind and the power of the mind. Protection and good luck. Helps increase psychic ability, Stabilizer.

moon stoneMoon Stone -- Gem of Hope, substitute for pearl, Helps to soothe and balance emotions, Brings happiness. Psychic ability, inner growth and strength.

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