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Jupiter is thirty-two times bigger than our earth. Jupiter is the planet, which does well Astrologically to a person. Pieces is a sign of Jupiter. Lordship of this sign is with Jupiter. Jupiter is going to rotate in this sign from 2nd May 2010 to 31st October 2010. During this period the effects may seen as below

Jupiter is a planet, which controls the finance. So financial position of certain people as well as of certain country can improve.

Though on 8th June Jupiter will meet Uranus, which may have negative effect, and it may give jerks to the financial planning of the countries. It may sound that recession is still not over. Over and above Saturn will be aspecting these two planets, which may also create more financial problems. In developed countries that are on the way of progress, which are making huge investments for progress in the country may have to suffer.

Jupiter is a planet, which gives children to the normal people. During June’10 to October’10 those ladies which are going to conceive and if Jupiter is having some relationship with the sign, they may have chances to deliver twins. During this period birth rate will also increase.

Economy of U.S.A. somehow during June’10 – July’10 may get jerks. They may have to face new challenges, which they have not expected.

When Jupiter becomes stronger creates availability of the things and prices go down. Uranus is the planet, which breaks the planning, creates the problem and complicates the whole situation. New financial scandals may come on surface, which were hidden. Aspect of Saturn may not allow Jupiter to do so good of a country as well an individual person. Rotation of Mars another firy planet is in Leo and Virgo during June’10 to August’10 is also unfavorable. Countries like USA may rethink about their financial help to certain countries, which they are giving and to think about their own citizens and at the cost of their own people they may not help the others. Some how one way or another as per the planetary positions, it seems that recession has not yet over and people in every country have to be much careful when they are making their financial planning.

15th July’10 to 15th Aug’10 may be critical month for all. Unexpected financial jerks, terrorist activities and all kind of sins may blast during this month. Mankind may have to suffer. 27th July’10 to 31st July’10 is the days to take care.

These are the Author’s own view and thoughts based on Astrology Planetary position and not to make you panic but to be careful during the time. The effects can differ as per the individual’s Birth Chart.

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