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There is no scientific basis (specific gravity, hardness & refractive index etc.) to differentiate the price of a gem stone. But broadly speaking there are three main factors which govern the price of a stone. First is stability, second is beauty & The third and most important one is rareness. Stability means deterioration after coming into use, beauty means size, luster, water, color & cutting,  while rareness means to which famous mine it belongs, & its historical importance if it has any.

For Example:

Ruby: its price will rise, with increase in red color, luster & brilliancy. There is a proverb for a Ruby stone having red color like that of a pigeon’s blood with luster that one piece of Ruby gem stone is equivalent to the wealth of  seven Rajas (Kings).

Emerald: its value increases according to the green tinge in it. The best one is that which has green color resembling the leaf of a neem tree. Although it is soft but is more costly than diamond. It deteriorates after coming into use, so it is advised that this gem stone should be used carefully.

Blue Sapphire : Its Price rises, in accordance with blue tinge & luster, The costliest one is that in which blue color  resembles the neck of a peacock.

Pearl: The bigger is size, round like a bat (flat-round, half-round) & of clean skin, the more costly it will be. Clean Skin means the difference which is visible in the skin of an old man & a young man.

Coral: The best one is that which is of dark red color resembling that of Sindoor. Its price increases with increase in luster & darkness in color. Japanese Coral is regarded the best & of superior quality than an Italian one.

Yellow Sapphire: Increase in yellow tinge increases its price. The costliest one is that which resembles the color of turmeric.

Hessonite: The gem in which black tinge diminishes & yellow fire red color resembling that of flesh predominates,   its value increases. According to Vedas a Gem in which the yellow Red  color resembles cow’s flesh is regarded as the best one.

Cat’s Eye : A gem belonging to the group of chrysoberyl regarded as the best one. The gem which has got more luster & clear lines will be costlier, while that of quartz Group is of cheaper quality.

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