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A World Leader – BARAK OBAMA

US President - Barak ObamaBarak obama is the president of U.S.A. One of the most powerful countries of the world. U.S.A. has been in most important position in the map of the world. Looking to, it’s well-advanced technology and the mile stone which have been achieved in all the spheres of mankind. Contribution of U.S.A. for development, prosperity and peace is unique and have played an important role in last 60 years is appreciable.

A man is self-centered and selfish about his needs. U.S.A.as a developed country has great responsibilities to take care of its citizens along with people across the globe.

In this situation the role, which U.S.A. president plays, is to be unique and very much important. As per Barak Obama’s horoscope, he has Capricorn dial having Jupiter and Saturn in the first house. This indicates Barak Obama is a man having wisdom, peace loving nature and yet a strong administrator. Barak Obama has moon in Taurus indicates disciplined romantic person, fond of rich food and as Venus is next to Moon indicates at every step he needs people to advice him. Barak Obama has Mars, Uranus, Pluto and Rahu (Dragon Head) in the eight house indicates problems, accidental incidents and injury in journey.

Even during 16th june’10 to 18th June’10 may not be favorable time for him. Barak Obama’s statements may create negative effect among countries even within his own house. During 5th to 18th June 2010 needs to pay more attention to his health.  Barak Obama’s language can be colored by Mars with strong statements. Mars is a planet of war and this planet may influence total personality of Mr. Barak Obama. If Barak Obama quietly becoming choosy for the words and pass out above mentioned period may stable the atmosphere. Terrorist activities, small wars, killing of innocent people may be influenced by Mars in Leo right now. Barak Obama has same Mars in Leo in his chart is going to influencing, it will be interesting to know for all. Even it will be very much interesting for peace loving people to see how Barak Obama handles the situation during 5th June to 18th June 2010.

Let us hope that he remains healthy, may take a great decision may lead the world on a right path, does wonderful job for his country and even for the people of this world. Whole world has great expectations from him.

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