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Global Daily Predictions – 6

Dear Readers,

Global Daily Prediction Series from 11th June-2010 to 20th June-2010, in which you will find predictions on daily basis for the people across the globe.

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11th June 2010 Friday: Today most people will feel like eating good delicious food. Young boys and girls will have fun and dinner both. Romance will also be a special feature today. Prices of commodities may increase and further it will spoil the picture. People will become fed up by increasing level of prices. It will result into accumulation of the things. Buying power of common man will go down. It will affect their new purchase. This situation will become worst, when so many people will loose their jobs.

12th June 2010 Saturday: You can enjoy Saturday having good delicious food and drinks at your home. This is not a time to go out and spend lot of money provided you are very rich man. If you are having a job then you have to plan your budget and make necessary changes looking to the situation comes before you. Be sure you are heading towards a difficult time. Politicians are thick-skinned people. They will not bother much about a common man, of course they will definitely make a show that they care for you but as there is no course open to them they are taking this measures.

13th June 2010 Sunday: Today situation will become further worst. Unpredictable, unbelievable incidents will take place. Share market will go down. Waves of unknown fear will affect financial condition of an individual as well as of country. Banks, big financial institutions will get jerks, they may face big problems of liquidity. People will feel to honour the liabilities will further spoil the picture. So far personal relationship are concern faith in each other will disappear and may result into quarrels. Divorce cases may increase. This Sunday people will enjoy half-heartedly.

14th June 2010 Monday: Even today things are not change. Jobs of so many people in so many countries are going to be affected. Share market further may go down. Investments at any level is not safe that will be the signal of the time. Man will become selfish, greedy and unpredictable, as he never was. Morality, ethics, honesty this words will not appear in the behavior of politicians as well as even in common man. For common man it will be a tough situation, he will try to save himself even by pushing the others. This will be seen much in democratic country.

15th June 2010 Tuesday: Again today share market will go down. Right from beginning market will fall. New low prices will appear then what were on 4th and 5th June 2010. Even from the government some decisions will be taken which will have tremendous amount of impact on the prices. Yet for an individual morning would not be so bad. For India today will not be so good. Some agitation or uproar from the people can be there. From 9 am to 14 pm by IST (GMT +5.30 hrs) period is not good. One should be very much careful in all respect.

16th June 2010 Wednesday: Again day of sex crime and sex scandals. For youngsters it’s a good day. They may have fun and a good time. For government its not a good day, officials will face problems for what they may not have real solution. Recession will further cast its shadow and horrible situation may arise. U.K., U.S.A, China will be affected much. Marital relationship may not run smoothly. Business executives will have a problem how to plan the things further for days to come. Share market may go down, prices will fall and may show new lower rates.

17th June 2010 Thursday: Headlines of the newspaper of today will be full of negative gloomy news. Government official may quarrel with each other. Government policy may seem to fail. Unexpected, unplanned things may happen. Change in a climate because of global warming will add further fire in the situation. Buyer may disappear even at a low rate. Petrol and crude oil rates at international level may go down. Auto industries may again face a problem of finance and liquidity. Production may have to be cut down. Many companies will try to explore new market to dump their production. India and China will be the choice of such people. Share market may stop and wait to breath.

18th June 2010 Friday: People will be in a hurry to finish up the job as weekend starts from today evening. Whether government faces crises or industries are coming in trouble or people die because of natural calamities, but it does not affect the common man. He will just enjoy the way he can. But 20.00 Hrs  to 24.00 Hrs IST (+5.30 Hrs GMT) time may not good. Road accidents may occur. Misunderstandings in between love mates are also possible and may result into quarrels and may spoil the night. Share market may show little improvement.

19th June 2010 Saturday:  Today’s morning will come with bad news; of course it may not affect an individual. People may loose their jobs in western countries. Economical conditions will start trembling. Once again top authority people may have to review the position. Planetary position is really not good for the world. Those countries which are already financially weak and try to survive on aids of other big countries they will face more problems. Most problematic thing is that good financially sound country, which helps the other country, when they face problem, is matter to be worried. Dumping currency in the market may further create problems to so many other countries. Life will become harder and harder. By 16.00 Hrs to 22.00 Hours IST (+5.30 Hrs GMT) will not be a good time. We will have to see what happens during above-mentioned period.          

20th June 2010 Sunday: At least Sunday is a better than last four days which have gone. People can enjoy today with family. Problem in real estate, mortgage of houses, and housing finance can be a worry for the governments. This may not affect common people in enjoying their Sunday. Most of the government of many countries would be facing crises at various fronts. Quick solution or any shortcut will not be available as a result. This would be another worry for government officials. As Jupiter is in pieces will help them to save their faces by doing some patchwork. Many big decisions will be postponed. Big financial investments can be delayed. Problem because of water may take place and again people at grass route level will suffer.

Dear Readers,

You must have been checking the forecast in your personal life, happenings in your country as well as in your city.

It is said for an individual every thing depends on his/her birth chart so you are adviced not to become panic. If good days have gone so even these days will also go. And in future new sunrise will shine with new hopes. You are requested to help us by sending your remarks or comments, at the same time you are most welcomed to our website http://www.astromyfriend.com

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