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Global Daily Predictions – 7

Dear Readers,

Global Daily Prediction Series from 21st June-2010 to 30th June-2010, in which you will find predictions on daily basis for the people across the globe.

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21st June 2010 Monday: It’s a wonderful day. In some of the city of some country calamities because of water may come and people may have to suffer. At political stage many governments will have to face lots of problems. Share market will go down. For civilians and individual person today is good. It will be a glamorous night. Big political personality will fall sick or may have big health problem. People which are born in between 15th June to 15th July may have to be very careful about their health. Problem of acidity, stomach, upset can be seen today.

22nd June 2010 Tuesday: Even today share market may go down. In U.S.A. in some of the city there can be a problem. Air crash, road accidents; natural calamities may bring the death toll high. Even in Pakistan because of terrorist attack people may die. In India also such negative activities of naxalist may cause damage. Air accidents are also possible today. Nature will be cruel on man today. Every individual has to be very much careful at every stage of life. Financial crisis and instability in some of the country will continue.

23rd June 2010 Wednesday: Again today share market will have lots of fluctuation. Ultimately it will close at a low rate. May fall down. Again a day of crime and death in the society. Death fall will be high today. Volcano in European country may create further problem. Again a big personality of a country may fall sick or may have problem today. Crime through counter and in banks may be seen today. Yet on ordinary people will be least affected by all this things.

24th June 2010 Thursday: Normally Thursday is a good day. A day of Jupiter but this Thursday may not be a good day. Share market will give wrong signal. It may go up in the beginning and then it will reduce heavily. Terrorist activities will also be there in some countries. Heavy road accidents are predicted. So many people will die for no reason. On the border of Indo – Pak there can be firing and such wrong activities by army. Common man will be in hurry and may make mistakes which may put him in awkward situation.  Some bad events may take place during 14 pm to 18 pm by IST ( +5.30 hrs GMT)

25th June 2010 Friday: At least today is a better day than yesterday. Today share market will increase because in other countries on 24th June it must have increased and as a result in India it will improve. Even at a political stage some good movement will be there in context of people. For the well being of people some good measures will be taken. Big personalities of one country will pay visit to another country and new good relations will be established. European countries will have a good day.

26th June 2010 Saturday: Yesterday some good measures were declared by government and today there will be some wrong development, misunderstandings may be seen. Today is not much favorable day. Lunar eclipse which is taking place today is not good for any man to start good things. Any meetings, any big deal or any new venture started today is sure to meet with fairly one. I should not say but planet says that only bad things and bad planning can be done today. If you are doing some spiritual work you can do it. Promises given by one country to another country cannot be fulfilled, not only this but it may spoil the relations. So this Saturday a common man should not trust anybody, love matters should be careful in doing anything. 

27th June 2010 Sunday: Today is a Sunday a day to enjoy for the people of the world at moderate rate. Some people might be having hang over, acidity, stomach, upset and uncomfortable physically. Something can happen today. Situation is such that over drinking and over eating can be there and that can create problem. Even food poisoning can be seen eating unhealthy food. Even morning will come with so many bad news in the newspaper.  You may read about many incidents taken place yesterday which may disturb you for a moment that is the negative effect of lunar eclipse. And negative effects of eclipse can be seen at least upto 15th July 2010.

28th June 2010 Monday: Absenteeism on job today will be very high. So many people particularly in western countries will remain absent on job because of ill health. Road accidents may also very high during yesterday and even today. Things may only improve after 12 am IST ( +5.30 hrs GMT). And as the day progresses things could be better and better. Share market will improve and buyers will be in a very happy position. At political stage so many scandals will come out. Financial condition of some country and some industries will be in bad shape. Once again the ghost of recession will appear on surface. Unknown fear will catch the mind of big political personalities.

29th June 2010 Tuesday:  Today is a very good day. For young boys and girls it’s a very good day. New relationship can be developed today. Everybody will be in a romantic mood. Marital relationship of the people will also be on the top. At political front government will declare some good news to win the feelings of the people. Politicians will also be in some good mood. Celebrations and functions will have its colorful charm today. Stock Exchange will also be on top and increasing level. Whole scenario will say that picture is rosy. Rates of gold and silver may go down. Metal prices may also go down prices of crude oil also may go down.

30th June 2010 Wednesday: Very good day. Right from the morning newspaper will come with good news for the people. Of course in some country particularly in India and Pakistan. There can be heavy rain and some people may have to suffer but good monsoon will give positive signals for the crops which are to come. Nature will be showing his grace on her children on earth. Again share market may go up and may give good hopes to the investors.  It will really a wonderful time for so many people in so many countries.

Dear Readers,

You must have been checking the forecast in your personal life, happenings in your country as well as in your city.

It is said for an individual every thing depends on his/her birth chart so you are adviced not to become panic. If good days have gone so even these days will also go. And in future new sunrise will shine with new hopes. You are requested to help us by sending your remarks or comments, at the same time you are most welcomed to our website http://www.astromyfriend.com

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