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Global Daily Predictions-10

Dear Readers,

Global Daily Prediction Series from 21st July-2010 to 31st July-2010, in which you will find predictions on daily basis for the people across the globe.

If you are finding this useful, appreciate your valuable comments :

21st July 2010 Wednesday: Share and stock market may go down. Some bad events, which has happened yesterday, which may affect share and stock market adversely today, so it will go down. Even on political level today something wrong is likely to happen which may create problem in some of the countries. Terrorism and such negative activities may take place in India as well in Pakistan. As a result innocent people may have to die. Only in steel and metal market prices may go up. For individual people its not a good day but if you are aware at your every step then nothing to worry about. 

22nd July 2010 Thursday: Natural calamities because of water are predicted today. It could be because of heavy rain or could be because of flood, this may affect so many people, and so many people even may die. Share and stock market may go down today. Those cities, which are very near to seashore or on the bank of river, are likely to get affected. World may face unforeseen problems because of nature today. In the life of an individual it may not affect that much. Accidents are also predicted. Man will fail to control his feelings and it may result into disaster.

23rd July 2010 Friday: Today share and stock market may improve and it may show upward trend. Once again this is also a deceiving move to attract the small invertors, people doing day-to-day trading business they may have to suffer. You have to keep quiet today otherwise you may invite problems from others. Some people would be in quarreling mood; they may spoil your mind. People have to be very much careful in driving, otherwise accidents are predicted. Finance is not good either for an individual or by industries or for country. Everybody would be worried about his or her financial condition. Yet, one may find out solution, but country it’s very difficult unless they borrow money from other country.

24th July 2010 Saturday: Today people will be in angry mood. As a result they may drive their vehicle more speedily then required. During 9 am to 12am according to India time more and more road accidents are predicted. In marital relationship there can be strong misunderstandings, which may result into quarrels. Rate of crime during this day would be very high. You may find people restless and without any mood. Even at political level corruption and such dirty tricks will be used but this time it may come out. For a common man it’s my advice to watch the situation and not rely on any person or any information at the time of taking decisions. Saturday is a weekend day, people will be in mood to enjoy but for some unlucky people, today may prove to be a bad day.

25th July 2010 Sunday: Though today is Sunday, yet there can be quarrel in between husband and wife. Even young boys and girls may have to break up because of quarrels. In short Sunday is not an enjoyable day for all. Even Sunday night is also not much favorable. New relationship if develops then it could be for a short time. Individual people are requested to take care of their wives. Even more drink can also spoil the things. People that are diabetic they have to be more careful. Attend to health problems.

26th July 2010 Monday:  Today is a full moon day. Romantic day. Day for young lovers having colorful imaginations in their mind. Some people will think more than required. People will feel like drinking more today. Whether you drink water or juice or any other liquid but you may feel to drink more. It is really a good day. Still people should not do anything in access. People, which are born in between 15th June to 15th August, have to be more careful in even eating. They may spoil their stomach, which can make them feel uneasy.

27th July 2010 Tuesday:  There can be strong difference of opinions in between husband and wife. Which may result into quarrels. People have to be careful in speaking. Over all prices in share and stock market may show upward trend, prices may increase. But increasing prices does not necessarily mean that things are improving. This could be a deceiving move. We are heading towards very hard time. Destruction by nature may continue one way or another. Water, rain and flood may play such a negative role. Governments cannot do anything accepting watching the scenes. In some country people at political level may have another tool for corruption these natural calamities. 

28th July 2010 Wednesday: Violence all over the world could be seen today. One way or another people will die for no reason. Still there can be lucky people will enjoy today like anything. People, which are born between 15th August to 15th September, today is really a very good day. Some people which are in job they may face a problem. Unnecessary arguments can lead to trouble that should be noted. Drive carefully should be made slogan for at least up to the end of this month.

29th July 2010 Thursday: Share market today may go up; again this will be deceiving move. As a matter of fact this is a position, which is hiding storm, which is to come in coming days. Steel shares and metal shares may go high. Crimes and accidents are going to continue on heavy scale. Individual should remain alert in his life, better not to take any speculative decisions which may spoil your financial conditions. If you keep yourself cool and quiet then you have nothing to worry about. 

30th July 2010 Friday: Those, which are suffering from, back pain they may have painful day. Even in coming days gravity of their problem about the back or spinal cord may increase. Those, which are having heavy body they may become victim of this kind of problem. Particularly people which are born in between 16th September to 16th October they have to be more careful, and if they are having heavy weight then they have to be extra cautious. At political level people will prefer to make all aggressive statements and may try to show rosy picture which is really not.

31st July 2010 Saturday: In European country right from morning and in India from 14 pm till next 2 days are really very bad days. Anything wrong can happen. War on a small-scale, or killing, bloodshed, flood, earthquake and such natural calamities are also predicted. Today till night and particularly till tomorrow morning to evening is really very dangerous. These are the days when mankind may have to suffer. Leaders of the country because of their ego may create dispute and even small war with other country. Planets are very powerful, when they decide to give negative results nobody can stop.

Dear Readers,

 This column has been written since February 2010. All forecast are based on planetary movement in the sky. Astrology is an accurate science, which is beyond challenge. In our last forecast at 3 to 4 occasion things have come correct. Regarding rain, water, accidents and other natural calamities, which had been predicted has come correct date wise. Terrorist activity in India and Pakistan has also come correct date wise. If you check in your country, in your city, and in your own life perhaps you may realize how far we are correct. You are always welcome with your remarks on our website which can help us to serve you better. Idea behind making this forecast is to make the people aware what is going to come in your way. So, that you can plan your tomorrow and have a better life.

One Liner of This Week:

You have to speak this one liner before you go to sleep and next day morning as soon as you open your eyes. If you make it a practice then we promise you will get amazing results.

                                                “God is with me, nothing to worry about.”

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