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Venus entered Virgo – Time for Strengthening Relationship

August 1st 2010, Venus entered Virgo and became debilitated. This means that Venus loses its ‘Love Power‘ all month. Virgo influences Venus in many ways; as overly detail oriented, critical, discriminating and anxious but Virgo is also a gifted healer and teaches us our values.

So even though this transit doesn’t look good for romantic relationship, it can provide a time of ‘going inside’ or reflection and regeneration. Venus represents what we value in life how we value ourselves. What are your priorities? What do you value? Venus can lend incredible support to you answering these important questions.

How Does This Transit Affect ME?

While Venus is debilitated it is most difficult for those with the Moon sign of Taurus and Libra as Venus rules these signs.

This transit is actually beneficial for those with Moon signs of Pisces, Aries, and Scorpio and remains only ‘luke warm’ or neutral for Gemini, Capricorn, Leo, Aquarius and Virgo.

All signs can benefit by remedying Venus this month. Your relationships with others and yourself need not suffer plus you could have the added bonus of being supported in your inner work.

About Venus

Planet Venus The planet Venus is also known as Shukra in Vedic Astrology. The myth has it that his father was the great seer and Astrologer Bhrigu who taught his son all of the spiritual sciences and scriptures. Shukra is Sanskrit means ‘bright’, ‘pure’, ‘sweet’ and/or ‘clear’. This planet rules over Friday, its gemstone is diamond and number associated is 6. The overlord of this planet is Lakshmi the archetype who represents prosperity and joy.

Venus is most known as the embodiment of love who governs the refined attributes of romance, beauty, sensuality, passion, comforts, luxuries, jewelry, wealth, art, music, dance, season of spring, rains and the bed-room.

Not only does Venus influence our romantic relationships, but also our relationship with our higher selves. The planet is associated with the science of mantras and tantra and can enrich our inner lives guiding us to seek spiritual connection and a deeper peace and happiness.

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