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The Seven Chakras

Seven Chakras

Seven Chakras

Chakra is a Sanskrit word, meaning “wheel” or “moving wheel”. Chakras are, effectively, centers of energy within the auric field, which correspond to pinpointed locations on the physical body. These energy centers absorb and transmit the universal life force, or prana, that the body needs to regulate itself and it is through the chakras that we sense anything energetically. In traditional text, the body is said to have 88,000 chakras. Most of these chakras are considered to be of very minute importance in how they affect the body’s field of energy, however, because only about 40 of these 88,000 chakras are considered relevant. These 40 are located in the palms of the hands, the soles of the feet, the back of the neck and around the spleen.

When most people think of chakras, they are probably referring to what is thought of as the 7 major chakras. These are located along a central vertical line on the front and back of the body and function to absorb energy and then channel it to the body’s nerve centers. The more one grows emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally, the more our chakras awaken and the more vibrational frequency we have and transmit through them.

Fear, worry and stress are 3 of the biggest reasons one’s chakras can become blocked. Once this happens, the chakra can spin backwards or not spin at all and thus impact and interfere with how the energy throughout our entire body flows. This is often what has happened when people refer to themselves as feeling “blocked” or “stuck.” This is why reiki, or any form of energetic healing, is such a beautiful tool to have. With a pendulum, one can quickly assess if one’s chakras are spinning correctly and, if they are not, with Reiki one can lovingly center oneself and then apply Reiki until the chakras are spinning correctly and the blockage is gone.

Each chakra exists at its own energetic vibrational frequency and thus has its own corresponding color and musical note that also exists at this frequency. Thus, color and sound provide another level of healing for blocked or damaged chakras. For instance, it is possible to work with the specific colors that correspond to each chakra as a meditation to unblock the chakra and also to work with musical healing by playing the blocked chakra’s corresponding note to balance the chakra’s energy to its appropriate frequency. Rich and I have done many musical healings together, and I have found that when I do a Reiki on a client with Rich playing guitar for each chakra’s specific note, the blockages free themselves so much faster than if I were doing Reiki alone. I have literally seen a blocked chakra fix itself and spin correctly with just Rich playing guitar while I hold a pendulum over the blocked chakra. To witness this is amazing. The healing power of music in and of itself is not to be overlooked, as we believe music truly is the bridge to the divine.

Seven Chakras Color

Seven Chakras Color

The body’s seven major chakras:

The First Chakra:

Often called the root chakra, it corresponds on the physical body with the tail bone, or the very base of the spine. This is the chakra that grounds us and all other chakras, for it provides the body with the foundation for all the rest of the body’s chakras. This chakra is literally what grounds us to the earth, and thus symbolizes earth and our connection to nature and the color red. Its corresponding musical note is low C which should be played in a very slow and deliberate cadence, likened to that of tribal rhythms.

If your first chakra is healthy and open, you are a very trusting, grounded and independent person. You know who you are and where you are going and what it takes to get where you’d like to be in the future. You are secure and confident of yourself, others and your place on this earth, and you have a good relationship with nature.

If your root chakra has too much or not enough energy and is therefore imbalanced, you may tend to very exploitive in your attitude towards the earth and the environment with the rationalization that you are actually securing and protecting it for man kind’s survival. You tend to be greedy, completely self absorbed and possibly very angry and violent (emotions which reflect an innate lack of trust of self or others). You tend to act to protect your own self-interests with little concern for how this affects anyone or anything else.

If your root chakra is not imbalanced but blocked, you have the feeling of being not at all grounded, and are therefore possibly very worrisome, anxious and high strung. Your physical and emotional constitution may be very weak and you may literally feel not of this world, as if you don’t belong here as if you are totally separate from everyone and everything else. Root chakra blockage also goes hand in hand with sexual dysfunction, as kundalini energy is unable to permeate the chakra in this state.

The Second Chakra:

This chakra is referred to as the sacral chakra and corresponds on the physical body with the abdomen, below one’s belly button. While the root chakra represents the element earth, this chakra represents water which is universally understood to represent purification both spiritually and physically. It is through the second chakra that we experience the flowing water-like movement of feelings and ideas which constantly bring us a sense of renewal. This is the chakra through which we become grounded in our creative abilities. The sacral chakra also represents the sexual organs of both sexes, and our connection and relationships with both friends and lovers. The musical note that corresponds to this chakra is D and should be played in calming circular patterns to calm the emotions and let them flow. The color vibration that corresponds with the sacral chakra is a nice bright orange.

When this chakra is vibrating as it should be, you are friendly and open with yourself, others and nature, and you readily express concern and empathy for others. Your creativity and emotions flow with enthusiasm and you are naturally joyful and innately intuitive. You are in touch with your sexuality and a healthy sexual union with your partner which makes your body and spirit healthy. You possess great vitality.

If you have developed sexual addictions of any kind, your second chakra is not balanced and you are not centered and grounded in how to properly express you sexuality with creativity and intimacy. You are likely to be self-serving with sex and with your emotions.

If you feel yourself to be cold emotionally and sexually your second chakra is blocked and your whole body may seem or feel frigid.

The Third Chakra:

Often called the “solar plexus” chakra, to pinpoint this chakra physically would be to say that it is located underneath the sternum. . We are now in the third chakra, moving out of the lower two, more primal and tribal energy centers and moving into our emotional intelligence. This chakra is the seat of our emotions and emotional power and its incorrect or correct functioning impacts our interpersonal relationships greatly. More importantly, this chakra’s functioning impacts our relationship with ourselves and our ability to feel healthy self esteem and to express our power or shy away from it. The solar plexus chakra is literally our center, and its elements is fire. Its color is yellow and corresponding musical note is E, to be played in playful and alive rhythms. Any joyful fun musical composition by Mozart is a good example of music which will awaken this chakra.

If this chakra is functioning at its proper vibrational frequency, then our solar plexus chakra glows warmly like the fire this chakra represents. We are a warm hearth of inner confidence and respect towards others and ourselves and very calm and centered.

If the third chakra is imbalanced, you are likely to be a work-aholic control freak who never slows down long enough to face feelings of never having measured up to the world as you feel you should have. These feelings likely manifested themselves as a result of your sense of self and self esteem’s growth being impeded as a child due to emotional or physical neglect.

If the solar plexus chakra is blocked, then you likely feel easily depressed and rejected and possibly wanting to blame others for these feelings. You are an emotional chameleon, always willing to change to suit the needs and wants of others to be more accepted, all the while only hurting yourself more as your own sense of self worth fails to manifest as a result.

Seven Chakra Color CircleThe Fourth Chakra:

Our fourth chakra, located in the middle of the chest, corresponds physically with the heart. This chakra is the very center of all seven of the chakras, for there are 3 below it (the more physical and emotional ones) and three above it (the more spiritual and mental). As one might be able to correctly guess, our heart chakra is the source of our love, empathy, compassion and healing. Its associated element is air. Its color is green and corresponding musical note is F. Any sort of classical or new age music that feels revitalizing to the listener will awaken this chakra.

If your heart chakra is open and functioning in harmony with all that is around yourself and others then you are a very open, giving and loving person. You love to love – and your love of the divine is no exception. You literally glow and radiate your inner peace and happiness because you understand that love involves giving selflessly, with no expectations of anything in return and that is is the greatest gift of all.

If this chakra is imbalanced in some way it means that somewhere along the line, there has been a disruption in your attitude and understanding of love. You may want to give your love with the hopes of gaining control of a person or situation and thus confusing love with manipulation, or you may be giving your love in the hopes of gaining recognition to boost damaged self esteem. You may consequently be a possessive and mistrustful person who lacks much compassion.

If there is blockage in the heart chakra, you may feel unworthy of love and skeptical of anyone who wants to love you (and paranoid that you will wind up hurt, yet again), or your love relationships may be completely co-dependent. If the heart chakra is completely blocked, this tends to manifest itself in the antithesis of what the heart represents: you are literally heart-less and quite icy in how you receive yourself and others. If you are not open to love in your life, it is not possible to feel very happy and joyful about life or yourself and, people with blocked heart chakras most certainly do not.

The Fifth Chakra:

This chakra corresponds with the throat and, logically enough, is usually referred to as the throat chakra. Just like with the heart chakra, one may be able to guess, quite accurately, what this chakra symbolizes: the ability to express ourselves appropriately and creatively whenever needed and with eloquence. The throat is the bridge between our internal and external world, our emotions and our thoughts and is the constant regulator of these two worlds. Its associated element is ether, and its musical note is g which, if played peacefully and slowly, will properly stimulate this important center of self expression.

If your throat chakra is open and healthy, you are a charismatic, centered, truthful and balanced soul who is very intuitive and empathic. You are able to speak your mind with grace when needed, and also able to keep silent and listen thoughtfully with great compassion and empathy and most importantly, perhaps, you know when the proper times to each of these are. You are comfortable in expressing yourself to others, whatever it is that may need to be said, for you know it is your right to do so yet always with respect and diplomacy. You honor your inner voice as much as anyone else’s, and are thus able to say “no” when needed, which creates very healthy boundaries between yourself and others. This honoring of your inner voice leads you to be quite spiritual, as you are able to communicate with realms beyond the senses and honor them appropriately.

If there is an imbalance in the throat chakra, there may be an imbalance in your voice itself which may sound scratchy, dry or forced. You may also be considered somewhat “wishy-washy”-- in other words, you may be swayed one way one minute and another the next all depending upon who is speaking to you at the moment. These types of people leave themselves open to being easily manipulated since they do not stand firmly on any issue one way or the other. The flip side of this may also be true, which will manifest itself in you being very manipulative, and trying to sway others to your side for your own obvious gain. This may manifest itself in you also being very domineering and distant from others emotionally.

It’s possible that a blockage in the fifth chakra is the manifestation of great fear in one’s life and as a result you have completely shut down. You are terrified to express yourself and say who you are (and aren’t) and are extremely withdrawn emotionally and physically. Your fear is that if you said how you really felt, you would not be accepted for who you are and thus judged and rejected. As a result, you are seldom aware of how you really feel about anything and are completely unable to listen to your inner voice and all the wisdom and guidance it has to offer. Consequently, you are likely to be very rigid and shy as the boundaries between yourself and others do not seem to exist.

The Sixth Chakra:

A.K.A. the brow chakra, this energy center is located above the eyes in the center of the forehead. Often called the “third eye” chakra, it governs our connection to our higher self, intuition, creativity and consciousness. Our third eye also helps us tap into our healing powers, karmic memories and perception beyond the senses. Just like the throat chakra, its associated element is also ether. Its color is indigo and musical note is A. Any music played in this key that is calming to the mind will help to open up this chakra.

If your third eye chakra is open and in harmony with all that is (a seemingly rare trait for anyone now a days), you are a person who exists beautifully within the ebb and flow of synchronicity. This is due to your ability to hear and follow your inner guidance which makes you tremendously intuitive. Your thoughts may easily manifest themselves as physical realities in a very short time due to your talent of visualization. You perceive the levels of reality beyond the senses and may channel this into profound healing or artistic abilities.

However, if the 6th chakra is not balanced, you have the potential to be a cold intellectual who trusts only reason and logic and is manipulative when it comes to getting what you want.

If this chakra is blocked, you are probably a very empirical person, believing only what your senses can perceive. As a result of this, you may be wrapped up in the status symbols of a nice house or car, for example, because the material world is the only world that is true to you. Any notion of spirituality, in your book, in not really important or necessary.

Crystals dominating Seven Chakras

Crystals dominating Seven Chakras

The Seventh Chakra:

This last and most important chakra corresponds physically to the very top of the head, or what is thought of as baby’s “fontanelle” spot. Its color is violet, or white (the combination of all of the colors of the rainbow). There is no musical sound for this chakra, but any music that makes one feel meditative is good, for this is the chakra of silence and going within.

If this chakra is open and healthy, then all blockages in any other chakras are dissolved, for you are truly open and connected with yourself and the divine. You are a vessel through which the universe’s energy can flow without any interference from ego and are at one with all that is. This chakra is the link to all the other spiritual energies that surround and connect you to your higher self. You feel at peace in your body and joyous of life and the moment, for the moment is all that is.

If this chakra is not very developed, you feel frustrated in your body and your place in life –for truly, without this chakra unfolding as it should, you have not reached your potential in life. You may not have very much lust for life and addictions are common.

If this chakra is fully blocked, then you are cut off from life and live in great fear. People who have this chakra completely blocked have rejected any notion of spirituality and fail to find any meaning in life beyond the physical although their higher self may consciously or unconsciously keep nagging them to do so.

The pendulums: Almost anyone experienced in energy work and chakra balancing knows how pendulums can go hand in hand with this work, if they so choose. Whenever I do a reiki session, I always first use a pendulum (and by that I mean, I hold it very still over each chakra to see if it starts spinning clockwise, counterclock wise or if it stays completely still. The idea here is that if you, the practitioner, hold the pendulum still enough without any vibrations from you, the client’s energy will move the pendulum itself) to check my clients chakras Depending on which way the pendulum moved, I can tell if their chakra is spinning correctly, spinning backwards, or is completely blocked (not spinning at all). The pendulum is a tremendous time saving tool for me with energy work, for it helps me get an instant reading on the body and lets me know where I need to focus. If a person’s chakras are blocked or spinning in the wrong direction, I do reiki over these areas and then check them again with the pendulum to let me know if the block has completely cleared. It’s a great way to give me instant feedback on how the body is doing!

Rating: 5 stars

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