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What Are Worry Stones Used For?

Worry stones are used for many purposes by a variety of cultures. They originated in Ancient Greece a few millenia ago. The first worry stones were simple rocks that had been worn smooth by the sea. In modern times, worry stones are often carved from semiprecious gemstones.


  1. A worry stone is a smooth, polished gemstone with a thumb-shaped indentation on one side or in the center. They come in a wide variety of minerals and colors, including red jasper, green jade, amethyst, quartz, yellow quartz,rose quartz, onyx, and moonstone.

    worry stone


  2. Worry stones originated in ancient Greece and rubbing them between one’s thumb and index finger has been believed throughout the ages to relieve tension and worry.

    Modern Time Frame

  3. Worry stones became especially popular in the United States during the 1970s. It was believed that worry stones made from different minerals had unique healing qualities.


  4. A worry stone may vary slightly in shape and size, but it measures 1 ½ inches by 1 ¼ inches and is ovular in shape. The size and shape of these stones has not varied much over time.


  5. The use of stones to relieve tension and worry is believed to have been started by Greek monks on Mount Athos not for prayer but for use in relaxation techniques. Similar beads and stones have been used in Islam (known as tespih) and Buddhism (called malas).

Relieving Stress

In many cultures, worry stones are thought to relieve stress. The basic method used is rubbing the smooth area of the stone with the index finger and thumb. Each culture adds its own traditions to this practice.

Worry stones made from Rose Quartz, moonstone, Red Jasper, Amethyst etc..

Various Worry stones

Calming the Mind

Rubbing a worry stone is thought to help clear and calm the mind.
Some people hold or rub a worry stone during meditation as a way of helping to center their concentration.
In Irish folklore, rubbing a worry stone crafted from connemara marble will relieve worries and bring luck. Many other cultures believe that carrying a worry stone crafted from one’s birth stone will attract luck.
Cure for Boredom
Worry stones are often used to relieve boredom. Rubbing a worry stone can be a welcomed distraction during a particularly boring situation.


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