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Meditating with Crystals

MeditationCrystals are a great tool for keeping the mind focused during meditation. You can either touch or simply look at a Crystal when you are meditating. What is important is to allow yourself to enter the right state of mind first. A good crystal to start with is clear quartz, but as you become more experienced, you will want to choose crystals to meditate with that have the energy that suits your needs for the mood of the moment.

  1. Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.  Make sure your clothing is loose and comfortable, and that you will not be too hot or too cold if you sit still for half an hour or so. You may want to wrap yourself in a thin blanket, as many people find that they cool down when they are meditating.
  2. Choose one crystal.  If you intend to look at it, place it close so that you can easily see it without having to move. If you are holding it, keep it in your left hand.
  3. Once you have picked your spot, get into a comfortable position. If you can sit cross legged without pain for a long period, then try that.  Most people, though, will find that sitting in an upright chair is perfectly good. Laying down to medicate is also good, but you may need to fight the tendency to drift off the sleep.
  4. If you are sitting, make sure that your spine is straight, but not like a ramrod. You should feel as if you head is floating on top of your spine; everything should feel loose and flexible. This is important for your breathing: the key to meditation.
  5. Take a few deep breaths in through your nose. Let your breath fill your lungs. Imagine that you are expanding your lungs to the back as well as the front. Let the air out slowly.
  6. Now consciously relax your body, starting with your toes and working up. You can do this quite quickly, imagining that you are letting go of tension with each exhalation.
  7. Now that you are completely relaxed, notice your breath gently sliding in and out of your nostrils. It should be quite delicate.
  8. Focus on your crystal. Allow its color to enfold you. Feel its energy around you. Lose yourself in the crystal. If you are just gazing, allow your eyes to go out of focus. Every time your thoughts begin to drift, return to the crystal.
  9. Meditation with clear QuartzIf you are holding your crystal, allow its energy and color to spread up your arm, into your body and fill the air around you. Again, every time your mind begins to drift, return to the crystal energy.
  10. When you have finished, drink a large glass of water and give yourself time to come back to the world.

The purity and simplicity of crystals can provide a straight and steady connection to the world of the spirit – no matter what you belief system. They can also enhance our awareness of the infinite mystery that is life in a positive way – and help us to connect appropriately to that mystery.

The best way to start exploring a crystal’s numinous connection is to spend time meditating with it. The vibration between you and the crystal is unique but repeatable, so that if you find that you respond very well to a particular crystal the first time, it should become easier and more effective the more you use it.  In General, violet, white or transparent crystals are connected with the spiritual plane. Try using angelite, amethyst or clear quartz to begin with.

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