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Crystals for Business / At your work place

Citrine, Tigereye CrystalsThere are two crystals that every start – up business should have: citrine and tiger’s eye. Both these crystals are good for get – up and – go energy. Citrine brings intelligence and tiger’s eye stability. Put them in the wealth corner of your work – that’s the far left corner from the door of the room. Keep them charged by putting them in the sun once a month or so.


For inspiration, keep a small amethyst on your desk or in your pocket. If you want everyone to feel inspired and creative, invest in an Amethyst geode for the office. Wear an amethyst ring on your left hand if innovation is an important part of your work. For imagination, try aquamarine, labradorite, or fluorite.

amethyst geodeFor dynamic creativity, try antimonite or citrine. Topaz is one of the stones of the sun, and as such focuses that solar, creative energy. Use it whenever you feel physically tired, lacking inspiration, or if you really need to get things done.


Malachite RingFor direct sales, malachite is the best Crystal. Wear it on your left hand or around your neck over the throat, whenever you have to go and sell yourself or your wares – it will draw good deals and money to you. Malachite is also good for general business success, so you should always have a piece at your place of work.

Strategic planning

Lapis LazuliEvery business needs a plan. When you are creating your business strategy use lapis lazuli. It is a wisdom crystal, bestowing common sense and good judge- ment on those who wear it. It will help you keep a steady hand on the tiller also, as it is a crystal of leadership. Keep it on your desk or better still wear it as a piece of jewellery and keep it next to your skin.


Tiger's Eye

When it comes to the accounts, use your tiger’s eye, a grounding crystal that is great for sorting out details. Tiger’s eye is generally a good crystal for business, helping to maintain stability and productivity.

Attracting wealth is one of the oldest uses of crystals – amulets to encourage prosperity have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs. In general, green Aventurinecrystals are associated with money. A basket of green crystals – for example aventurine, chrysoprase, light green jasper, and nephrite – in the far left corner of your desk or tour room will help you prosper. Choose one of these to carry when you need to generate more income – or put one in the till.

Day to day details

As well as aiding concentration and organization, agate has long been considered a good luck stone.  Fluorite is also said to aid concentration and help you to focus on what’s necessary.


Keep a bowl of your favorite crystals handy, so that you can hold them when you feel stressed.

Managing people

Good staffs are the key to good business. When you’re hiring people you need to be able to listen to your intuition and make sound assessments. You’ll need to be able to read people, also, and learn how to delegate successfully. Lapis lazuli will give you wisdom and amethyst will heighten your intuition and help you make good judgements.

Delivering the goods

Whether it is crystal pendants, consultancy, or computer programming, you will need to deliver your goods or services on time and on budget. A lot of entrepreneurs are excellent at starting something and not so good at finishing. By the time it comes to actually doing the job, they are bored and thinking of the next thing. Garnet will help you to overcome obstacles and see you through to the finish. Wear it if you can, as it is also a stone of good fortune.

Bloodstone can also be useful in his context. It is an all-round good luck stone, once carried by Roman soldiers to protect them from harm, staunch wounds and to overcome enemies. Wear it for courage, determination and fortitude.

Risky ventures

Successful risk-taking means successful risk-assessment. So once you have thought out your strategy using your lapis lazuli, you should carry a gambler’s lucky amazonite or a green quartz.

Clear quartz or smoky quartz single -- terminated crystals, or jet at the corners of your desk near the floor, help ground you and give you energy.

Stones for computers

Computers emit continuous electromagnetic radiation and if you are sensitive, you will find this quite draining after a while. One of the following crystals between you and the screen will absorb some of the radiation, but don’t rely completely on your crystal. Make sure you take regular screen breaks.

  • Sodalite
  • Fluorite
  • Lepidolite

Moving energy

To get energy moving in a sluggish office, hang crystal prisms at the window.

Concentration and calm

An amethyst geode on your desk will help you to stay calm and focused on your work. It will also help with communication.


Putting malachite in the four corners of your room will draw money into the business.


Use big crystals as bookends or paperweights.

Sentinel stones

You can charge two large protective stones – granite, flint, or marble, for example – so that they allow in friends and repel enemies. Place them on either side of the door.

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