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Astrology – A science

Astrology & HoroscopeAstrology is the science of planetary star influences, as opposed to Astronomy, which is the science of planetary star measurement. Some look upon the subject of Astrology as a science, though not an exact one, just as medicine is not an exact science. Some see it as an art and others regard it as a philosophy

Astrology can be used as a predictive system, because character is destiny. Experienced Astrologers know that it is not divination nor fortune telling. The Astrologer is like the weather man, who can forecast rain but cannot predict who will get wet.

There are many branches of Astrology, the most popular being Natal Astrology. The study of individual birth charts.

Synastry, the Astrology of Human relationships. Compatibility or incompatibility between two people. Such as husband and wife or parent and child or merely close friends or acquaintances.

Then there is Mundane Astrology. The study of Mundane affairs, and the forecasting of future trends or so called predictions.

Astro-Meteorology, the astrology of weather forecasting and other atmospheric conditions. Natural astrology the study of earth quakes, tidal waves and so forth.

Esoteric Astrology, the study of hidden meanings of astrological symbols and aspects.

Medical Astrology, concerned solely with the health of a person both physical mental and emotional.

Horary Astrology, seeking solutions for on the spot problems and answering specific questions. This branch of astrology has become a little more popular.

Electional Astrology. The process of choosing a time for the beginning of an event or project.

Although we do not see the term Judicial Astrology often now, a few words about it should be in order. The true definition of Judicial is pertaining to courts, judges, and the administration of justice, ordered or permitted by the court or judge. Thus we might say Judicial applies to anything to do with Judgement. From this view every branch of astrology is Judicial Astrology. For every chart or horoscope is judged by the Astrologer and every interpretation is a judgement. Yet, the term came to be identified with Mundane Astrology.

Judicial Astrology relates to the forecasting of the principle events which will come to pass in a country and conditions which will prevail in the land. Thus, it can also be said to apply to the individual’s chart or horoscope.

Among these branches , many varied specialty topics can be covered such as crime, suicide, alcoholism and drug abuse, sexuality, accidents and plane crash’s etc.

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