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Crystals – Their Colour effects, Planetary Amulets & Healing Properties

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In This Article, we have tried to give basic information about each Crystal and their color effects, their planetary effects and Healing Properties.


Color                                                     Sample crystals

Red                                                           Carnelian, red jasper

Pink                                                          Rose quartz, pink tourmaline, rhodochrosite

Orange                                                    Amber, citrine

Yellow                                                    Agate, yellow jasper, amber, citrine

Green                                                      Aventurine, malachite, moss agate

Blue                                                        Blue lace agate, turquoise, lapis lazuli, sodalite

Purple                                                    Amethyst, fluorite, alexandrite

Black / Brown                                    Obsidian, onyx, smoky, quartz, tiger’s eye

White / Colorless                              Quartz, opal, moonstone


White: -- Purifying, cleansing, enlightening, clarifying and neutralizing.

Red: -- Physically stimulating, sexually arousing; encourages action, energy, lust, passion, and strength.

Pink: -- Sympathy, love and harmony.

Orange: - Creatively stimulating; encourages joie de vivre and a sense of well – being; good for the sex         organs, fertility, and confidence.

Yellow: - Mentally stimulating; enhances sense of personal power, validation and self worth; counters depression; helps digestion and communication.

Green: - Healing, love, and harmony; emotional and physical detox; helps with emotional connection to others; de-stressing; stimulates the liver.

Blue: - Relaxation, tranquility, and calm; helps with the balance of chemicals in the body; stimulates the kidneys and bladder.

Purple/Violet: -- Peace; clairvoyance, intuition, and spiritual matter; brain activity; cleanses lungs and skin.

Black Brown: -- Absorbing negative energy; connection to earth energy; elimination of pain.


The planets were believed to rule certain stones, plants and animals. These were combined to create magical talismans to fortify the wearer with the characteristics assigned to that planet.

  1. Sun: -- amber, chrysolite, topaz
  2. Moon: -- beryl, diamond, mother of pearl, opal, quartz
  3. Mercury : -- agate, carnelian, chalcedony, sardonyx
  4. Venus :- emerald, jade
  5. Mars :- bloodstone, hematite, jasper, ruby
  6. Jupiter :- amethyst, aquamarine, blue diamond, sapphire, turquoise
  7. Saturn :- jet, obsidian, onyx


AgateAgate (blue, grey, green, and brown)

  • Good luck and protection
  • Growth, stability and maturity

Blue Lace AgateBlue lace agate

  • Feminine energy
  • Harmony

Moss AgateMoss agate

  • Green fingers
  • Making new friends

AmethystAmethyst (violet)

  • Harmony, enlightenment, and connection to spirit
  • Wisdom and tolerance
  • Good for meditation

CarnelianCarnelian – also known as sard (red, orange, yellow, and brown)

  • Courage and action
  • Ability to finish projects
  • Physical energy

CitrineCitrine (yellow)

  • Confidence; anti depressant
  • Mental clarity, dynamism, and initiative
  • Good digestion

Clear QuartzClear quartz

  • Focusing energy of all kinds
  • As a stand-in for any other crystal
  • Simple tumbled clear quartz is fine, but try to get hold of some quartz as they will prove invaluable

Lapis LazuliLapis lazuli (dark blue)

  • Wisdom, kindness and love
  • Protection from negative energy
  • Peace and harmony

MalachiteMalachite (dark green)

  • Prosperity, money luck, and sensual appreciation
  • Healing past hurt
  • For stimulating healing dreams and revealing subconscious yearning

obsidianObsidian (black)

  • Insight
  • Grounding and protection from negative influences
  • Dissolving pain

PeridotPeridot (green)

  • Mental, emotional and physical detox
  • Healing
  • Used in the Middle Ages to ward off evil spirits

Red JasperRed jasper

  • Courage
  • Grounding
  • Physical strength and sexual energy
  • Honesty
  • Speed energy up
  • Yellow jasper has a calmer energy and green jasper has a more balanced energy

Rose QuartzRose quartz (pink)

  • Love
  • Self – healing and love

Smoky QuartzSmoky quartz (pale grey to dark brown)

  • Grounding and protection against bad luck
  • Dissolving pain
  • A couple of single or double-terminated crystals would be useful as well as simple tumbled stone


  • Wisdom and insight
  • Listening and speaking skills
  • Organisation
  • Counters harmful radiation

Tiger's EyeTiger’s eye

  • Protection  and grounding
  • Trust and common sense
  • Slows energy down
  • Good for starting new ventures with both feet on the ground


  • Protection – particularly from ill-wishers and on long journeys
  • Connection to spirit
  • Mentally and spiritually uplifting
  • One of the most widely used crystals for amulets

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