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Dear Readers,

Global Daily Prediction Series from 21st Aug-2010 to 31st Aug-2010, in which you will find predictions on daily basis for the people across the globe.

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Global Daily Prediction - daily horoscope21st August 2010 Saturday: Today is a weekend day. People will really enjoy in a very nice mood. Today marital relationship will be on it’s best. For young boys and girls new relation can be developed and in old one progress can be seen. Finance in the country may improve. Still people will not be honest either in the relationship or in the job at political front. One big scandal may take place and it may become big news for tomorrow.

22nd August 2010 Sunday: Today mentally people will be feeling uneasy. Yesterday’s celebration must have its effect on mind as well on body. People’s morning will start late. Mostly people may prefer to be in the home even in afternoon. In western countries these can be seen much. For young boys and girls this is springtime, things will move in their favor.  New relationship can be developed. Sunday evening will again become colorful for them. People will enjoy Sunday like anything.

23rd August 2010 Monday: Again right from 9 am to 2 pm according to IST (GMT +5.30hrs), time is fairly good. Everything will move in positive direction. Share and stock market will improve. Info tech and electronic item’s shares will have new high price. Picture will seems to be rosy at this moment. Even in those countries where they are facing financial problems even they may have ease today and they may be able to find out solutions of their problems. At political front people will be in commanding position.

24th August 2010 Tuesday: People, which are on power, will find out way to generate finance and will be in happy position.  One way or another common man has to suffer, but during this time even his problems will be less. Their problems are endless and it may not end, but they may sometime feel better. Right from 10 am to 4 pm according to Indian time (GMT +5.30hrs) period is good. Share and stock market may improve. And prices of most of the stocks will increase. In the field of mobile technology some new research work may come out. Mobile lovers will become happy by that work.

25th August 2010 Wednesday: People will be in colorful mood. Marital relationship will be good. But most of the people will be in hurry right from morning and it may create problems to them. Please drive your vehicle carefully. Even in relationship you have to control your thoughts, because there are possibilities of wrong and dirty thoughts coming in mind. Will putting such thoughts into practice one has to be careful. Share market may go up today. On political front, people will give wrong promises. Sex crimes may continue.

26th August 2010 Thursday: India – Pakistan border may become hot. Deliberate firing from Pakistan may take place. Terrorist activities in Pakistan may create problems within their house. Unnecessary, innocent people may have to die. Those, which are good, couple having good understanding with each other, may have a very good time. Otherwise differences and disputes may disturb the peace of the family. Share and stock market may go down today, but fluctuation would be less. For common man it’s a good day. He will act according to his planning which will meet with success. He will enjoy life with new love mate; he might have got in last few days.

27th August 2010 Friday: You must have read about sex crimes in today’s newspaper, yet again today same story is going to be repeated. Girls fond of eating good food can be influenced by bad people and they may put such girls in awkward position. Similarly even politicians can also get involve in such sex scandals today. Today share and stock market will show some improvement. For young boys and girls, if they are careful then they may have well fun and nice time today. Weekend’s stars from today evening and people will definitely enjoy good luck to them.

28th August 2010 Saturday: In Western country weekend has it’s own importance. Celebration, parties are going on and people enjoy forgetting the rest of the world. They enjoy in their own small world, consisting of their friends and family. This Saturday they will definitely enjoy by evening. During afternoon that means from 5.00 pm to 8.00 pm according to Indian time it’s not good, bit disturbing. One should be watchful and control himself. Excess in anything and everything is bad, that they must remember. It will really be a very good fun-making day, for those who are enjoying party at home. Traveling is also predicted. Even people may go on a picnic spot away from their house; they are just requested to be careful in driving.

29th August 2010 Sunday: Today is a Sunday. A colorful day. Every body would like to enjoy. But unfortunately, today housebreaks, thefts, and loot may take place. Those, which are going away from their house; every body may not be lucky. Some of them may come back and see that they are robbed. Robbery, housebreaks may take place today. Still it can say you can enjoy Sunday after 7 pm according to Indian time. Still there can be some misunderstandings in between husband and wife. Please try to adjust with each other, try to understand each other in a real spirit. At political front some strategy will be workout to influence to win the confidence of general public. It will appear in the newspaper of Monday. For common man as long as he is watchful today is a good day to enjoy.

30th August 2010 Monday: Today’s newspaper will bring kind of strategy from the Government in the interest of the people. One has to see how does it work. Right from 12 pm to 6 pm by Indian time its not good at all. There can be quarrel with your wife or with some other people. At a political stage very dirty policy or strategy will be worked out, which may not be in the larger interest of the people. Best thing is to keep cool and to be watchful towards the situation develops and comes before you. You have to be in present with empty mind, a mind without having prejudices for situation or for people.

31st August 2010 Tuesday: Right from 8 am to 12 pm period is not good. Road accidents, air accidents and fire accidents are predicted. Murder of some big person is also predicted. Terrorist activities will be on top. So many people will die for no reason. Love and peace will beautify the pages of dictionary only. Man can go down to such an extent that will be realized once again to the common people. Even in family people will loose their control on their mind and perhaps they will express their worst policy during today. Share and stock market will go high.

Dear Readers,

It has been requesting you every time to check our forecast in your personal family life, happenings in your city, and even in your country. In my last forecast, damage because of flood in China, Pakistan and some other countries, movement in share and stock market, terrorist activities and killing of the people in Pakistan, and movement at political stage have come correct date wise. But for an individual person things are being decided by the planetary position of his own chart, and so this may not apply to that extent. For your own life and astrological guidance for future you are most welcome to our website and get your Astro Report. You are also requested to come with your remarks and with your findings on our website. Even few comments can make us happy in doing this work much better for you in future.

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