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Global Daily Predictions – 14

Dear Readers,

Global Daily PredictionsGlobal Daily Prediction Series from 01st Sep-2010 to 10th Sep-2010, in which you will find predictions on daily basis for the people across the globe.

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1st September 2010 Wednesday: It is really a very good day. Position of finance is really going to improve particularly in U.S.A. New energetic wave will come which will give tonic to its economical arrangements. Marital relationship will also be good. For common man in most of the country today will be a good day. Yet, even today negative and destructive activities of some people will be continued which may damage to the general public of the country.  This will be done in various countries according to their social condition. But anyhow this is really not a good time for some people.

2nd September 2010 Thursday: Today is a big festival day in India called Janamastami. Today Lord Krishna was born. So accordingly people keep fast up to 12 o’clock at night till the birth of Lord Krishna. When Lord Krishna takes birth people will break their fast. Some people play gambling of cards and enjoy their own way. As it is a festival day people will enjoy according to social and religious tradition. Water factor can create damage to the general public in some of the places of the country. Similarly, even in other countries water element may create problem.

3rd September 2010 Friday: Little gloomy day. People will feel what to do and what not to do. A kind of unknown fear may capture the mind of the people. People, which are having back pain for them today is not a good day.  They have to be more careful as their pain may aggravate. For young boys and girls it’s a good romantic day. Marital relationship would be just normal, just mechanical and nothing else. But as it’s a weekend day evening and night will be colorful. People will enjoy tonight lavishly.

4th September 2010 Saturday: People, which are diabitic, have to be very careful in this week. Unnecessary tension, unknown fear may spoil your head and under the pressure one may drink more. This kind of situation may create health problem to anybody. No doubt today is Saturday and people will be in mood to enjoy. With enjoyment if discipline is followed then it will be good for the health. Sometime we only invite the problem and then repeat for the same. Best thing is not to worry and enjoy moderately. Try to keep yourself fresh, again tomorrow is Sunday you may have one more chance to enjoy. For common man it is a good day if he is watchful and aware.

5th September 2010 Sunday: Very romantic day. Morning hours in London would be very romantic. Beginning of the day is fairly good. Late night celebration could have its effect on the people. Yet, it’s really a colorful Sunday. In U.S.A. night will begin with great pleasure. Saturday night up to morning people would have enjoyed like anything. In India Sunday morning is pretty good. Even government will make some statement in the favor of general public. From 16pm to 20pm according to Indian time it is not good. One should drive carefully. People may loose the balance of mind, which may result into disputes and some negative events.

6th September 2010 Monday: Again sex crimes are possible today. Even people will be more romantic today. Even in the office if you have girlfriend then perhaps you may have nice time today or you can make a program for tomorrow. Share market may improve today. For young boys and girls it is really a fun day. Road accidents and even fire accidents are also possible. Even politicians will be in colorful mood today. This may appear in the form of a photograph in tomorrow’s newspaper.

7th September 2010 Tuesday: Air and fire accidents are possible even today. Sex crimes are also possible today. Young boys and girls have to be extra careful today. Low mentality, low level of thinking may inspire some people to commit such a crime. As u know that such people does not have long vision, so they put themselves into trouble and others also. Today share market with lot of fluctuation ultimately may go down. At a government level people will make lots of mistakes. Some scandal may come out or media people may dig out such wrong things.

8th September 2010 Wednesday: Today is a new moon day. When moon and sun comes together it becomes new moon day. Which is called Amavashya in Indian language. Moon looses his light, which has tremendous amount of impact on the earth and on mankind. Moon controls the mind of the people and so accordingly, mind of the people is influenced today. During 01.00pm to 04.00pm according to Indian time this position will take place. As a result for smaller reasons people will get excited even a small issue can become a prestige point and may result into quarrels. In Pakistan this will happen in its 5th house and may inspire terrorist people for their disastrous activities. As a result many people may have to die. Government is already facing financial problems because of flood, which has affected millions of people. And there can an addition in negative activities because of new moon position.  Share market may increase today.

9th September 2010 Thursday: Right from the morning people will be having indecisive mind. What to do and what not to do will be a problem to him. People may doubt their wife unnecessarily. This thing can happen particularly in European countries. Even at a political front politician will also face an awkward situation. Sex crime may continue which will require attention of such people on authority. Share market will go up and may show rosy financial picture of the country, as a matter of fact it will not be. For common man today is a normal day. Particularly girls will be in very colorful mood.

10th September 2010 Friday: People, which are having back pain or any minor problem with the spinal code, have to be very careful. They should not ignore their pain because it may increase and may create big problem in coming days. Today is a weekend day and celebration will start from today evening. It is my personal advice to my readers to be careful in drinking. Today’s planetary position indicates that liver problem can be created. Please attend to your health problem first. For young boys and girls evening is going to be wonderful. Man and women will really enjoy evening and night like anything.

Dear Readers,

Would you be kind enough to check our forecast in your personal life, happenings in your city and in your country? Perhaps, you may find that things have really happened as had been predicted in our forecast. In our last report had predicted about the movement of stock market has come correct three times. About sex crimes twice and date wise it has come correct. About flood and killings in Pakistan was also predicted. Astrology is an accurate science. And if there is a chart of an individual person many things can be predicted truly. You are most welcomed to our website with your remarks and even with your problems to take care of it. An Astrologer can give guidance for all tomorrows, which are to come.

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