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Global Daily prediction Series from 11th Sep-2010 to 20th Sep-2010, in which you will find predictions on daily basis for the people across the globe.

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Global Daily Prediction11th September 2010 Saturday: Most exciting Saturday. From 10 am to 12 pm as per IST (GMT +5.30hrs) very much exciting, may bring negative effect in the life of the people. Sex crime is very much possible. From 13 hrs to 17 hrs as per IST that means in London or in European countries by 8 am to 2 pm is highly romantic period. People will make much fun and will have great time. Yesterday night from 11pm to 1am in U.S.A. may not be so good. But from 2 pm to 6 am late night would be very colorful to enjoy. For common man and even young boys and girls it could be a great time.

12th September 2010 Sunday: It is Sunday, which people enjoys and celebrates particularly in western countries. But planetary position is such that birth rate in most of the countries in coming tomorrow is going to be down and death rate is going to be very high. Natural calamities like flood, volcano, and earthquake will take place as if nature is going to settle the account of birth and death. Millions of lucky people will enjoy today happily, at the same time you will see that for no reason of course natural reason people will die. There is an element of almighty which is within you and that’s why you are alive. You must understand this not only that you must feel it. And then only you can touch the soul of others with love, which is a necessity of this time.

13th September 2010 Monday: Again sex crimes and some other crimes are possible today. Night of U.S.A. and morning of European countries could be full of such crimes. You cannot rely on any person today. Stock exchange will go down today. Earthly element is going to be disturbed. And earthquake, lava, volcano may create damage to the mankind. It shows that earth is not happy by the things man are doing and as a punishment in coming few days we may see such things. Truth, ethics and morality has gone down to such an extent that perhaps this may happen.

14th September 2010 Tuesday: Tuesday is a day of Mars. Right from the morning things will be very bad in India. Late night in European countries and even in U.S.A. will not be good. Still nature may become crueler to mankind today. Yet there will be so many lucky people having good position of planet, will enjoy today. New jobs have to be created for the well being of the people. Government has to take strong measures today and in coming days. If the economy of the country is in a bad shape, government of these countries have to be more careful as some more hard days are yet to come. Stock exchange will go down today.

15th September 2010 Wednesday: Once again mother earth is not happy with her children’s and her anger will be seen today. It is such a thing where man cannot do anything excepting watching. Prices of petrol and crude oil may go down. Again stock exchange may go down. Pakistan and China has suffered a lot.  Pak has suffered because of flood and China has suffered because of flood and earthquake both. They may have to suffer in coming days, as more jerks are to come. Night of U.S.A. and mid night of European countries is unpredictable. Unexpected negative things will happen. My readers are requested to be careful at every step of life. Do not get penic. Be fearless. And be prepared to face unknown and unexpected.

16th September 2010 Thursday: Again today earthly element is going to be disturbed. As a result earthquake, lava, volcano or any such disastrous event may take place in some of the countries. For European countries from 5 am to 11 am in the morning is not good at all. Similarly 1 am to 6 am in U.S.A. is also not good. In short, today people’s mind will be full of doubt and negative thoughts. For bad people, criminals, and those who are to do wrong things for them this may be good day. Stock exchange will go high. Even petrol and crude oil rates may increase. For politicians today will be good day to give wrong promises to the people. For common man today is a good day if they are watchful.

17th September 2010 Friday: People may be in romantic mood today, as weekend will starts from today evening. Again governments are going to face some serious problems according to their condition of economy and social condition. In some of the countries again recession is going to appear. Balance between sales and production may not be maintained. As a result production may have to be cut down which may give birth to some other problems. Searching new market for their production will be a need of a time and in that situation price factor will come in a way. Today share and stock market may go down. Some more banks will get jerks. But evening and night will be colorful. And people will enjoy. Particularly people who are born in between 15th March to 15th April will enjoy like anything. People, which are born in between 15th November to 15th December for them today and tomorrow, will be hard days.

18th September 2010 Saturday: According to Indian time 15 pm to 19 pm is not good at all. Similarly in London, 11 am to 16 pm and in U.S.A. 8 am to 12 am this is not a good time.  People will be in lot of tension. And it may result into road accidents and other negative happenings. Even in marital relationships differences may crops up and may spoil the charm of life. Today is Saturday, a day to enjoy and I wish people in a real sense they enjoy. I would like to request my readers to keep cool during above-mentioned period. Government level people will try to save their face in a situation, which has arisen in last two days.

19th September 2010 Sunday: Today’s newspaper will bring news of the Government facing some difficulties and some problems. As a result some people who are on power may come into difficulties. Newspaper of Sunday may influence the mood of the people in a negative manner. Yet, Sunday is a colorful day, which has very much importance in Western countries and people will really enjoy to their best. There are people they do not bother if there is an earthquake in some countries, for them it will be news. They will enjoy Sunday the way they like. This is the lifestyle of most of the people, naturally what they can do? But your soul must feel about it. If so then it is a sign of good and great person. Whose heart is wider and not limited up to his family.

20th September 2010 Monday: Yesterday’s effect is still on the mind and body of the people. They will go on duty with less zeal and enthusiasm, but in course of a time I few hours they will adjust in that setup and things will move in a normal course. Still those persons who are having girlfriend in the office may have very good time. My readers will feel that why I am writing like this every now and then. It is because goddess of love Venus is in her own sign. Venus with Mars good mixture of sex and love, which is a position in the sky today and this will continue for another one more month. Young people will have good partner and they will make more fun with less work. Even in Government official sex scandals may come out. At least they are also human beings under the influence of same planetary position. It is an effect of the planet, which makes them to do a mistake, which they should not. Stock exchange may go down today.

Dear Readers,

As usual will request you to check our forecast in your life, in the happenings of your city and in your country. There can be a difference only because of social, tropical and environmental condition of your country. In our last forecast scam of cricketers, flood in some countries and about sex crime, things have come correct. So far an individual person is concerned it can be predicted only from his birth chart.

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