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Yoga for Delay in Marriage

Frequently asked Question by Many Readers and Youngsters is ” When my marriage will happen?” or “My Marriage is delayed, when I am going to marry?” For readers who are enthusiastic and having little knowledge of Astrology birth chart can cross check about their Marriage possibilities with the following Yoga in their kundli.

To analyze the marriage in astrology the following is studied:

  1. Placement and strength of the 7th lord (the lord of marriage) and its relationship with other planets governing marriage and married life. The condition of the 7th house (the house of spouse) is also analyzed .
  2. Position and strength of Venus, the significator of marriage.
  3. The 2nd, 5th and 12th houses and their lords.
  4. Location of Mars in the birth chart
  5. The relationship between the lords of 1st and 7th houses

Delay in MarriageThe following factors leads to early marriage:

The seventh lord is in Kendra and well placed and is a benific planet.

The seventh lord is aspected by a benefic lord.

Lagna lord is benefic and strong.

Venus is well placed without the company of malefic planet.

Benific planet in seventh house.

The second lord is well placed, occupied or aspected by benefic planet.

The twelth house is free from any malefic planet.

The following factors leads to little delay in marriage:

There is a little malefic influence to the seventh lord.

There is a malefic influence on Venus.

The following factors leads to lot of delay in marriage:

If the Sun and Moon stay in the sign and constellation of Saturn the marriage is delayed.

If Saturn conjuncts with Venus or Rahu or Mercury in 7th house marriage gets delayed.

If the lagna and the 7th house or their lords or Venus are positioned between Saturn and Sun, marriage will be delayed.

If the Sun and Saturn are adversely posited in the lagna or the 7th house or vice versa.

Sun and Moon are enemies of Venus. If Venus occupies any of the sign of Cancer or Leo and that is flanked on both sides by the Sun and the Moon, the marriage will have many obstructios.

The position of the lord of the lagna in the 7th house can either deny marriage or can create aversion to marriage in the person and may cause unhappiness to the family members and displeasure in the marriage and family life.

If Rahu is in the 7th house with two malefics, the marriage is obstructed. Even retrograde planets like Jupiter, Venus and Mercury in 7th house can cause delays or obstacles in the marriage.

Here are few combinations how no marriage yog is formed:

If Sun and Venus are in 5th, 7th or 9th house.

If Saturn is in 7th house from Moon

If a malefic is in 7th house from Venus

If Sun, Moon or Venus is week and are conjoined or aspect by saturn

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