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Divorce or Separation Yoga

Divorce or SeperationTo form a couple is human’s destiny but to become seperate is human’s act. still individual’s horoscope plays an important role in this act. Marriage is the important decision of one’s life. As per hindu Mythology when couple gets married, most of the times people make match-making, which is also called Compatibility match in western culture. most of the time it works and people enjoy the happy married life but sometimes it doesnt work and leads to seperation or divorce. There are many Astrological reasons for separation or divorce.

The following are the most common and major reasons:

1) Manglik person married to non maglik person.

2) More than one marriage indicated in kundli of either partner.

3) Any spouse continuing their premarital love relationship after marriage or extra marital relationships.

4) No sexual or very poor relationship between partners.

5) Partner falling very sick after marriage.

The following are the general reasons found in ones kundli which leads to divorce or sepration after marriage:

Out the nine planets five of them are either malefic or seprative planets. Sun/Surya, Mars/Mangal, Saturn/Sani and Rahu & Ketu are the seprative planets.

1) Surya in house-7, Surya gives divorce when either it is placed in lagna or seventh house. When Surya is in shatru or enemy rashi/sign than only it gives divorce else it only creates a conflict and verbal words may be spoken about divorce.

2) Mangal or Ketu in house-7, Mangal & Ketu are seprative planets and in majority cases it gives divorce. Ketu works like Mangal. But it only does not give divorce if it is associated with its own rashi/sign. Consistent controversies always happen after marriages and during its dasha/antar dasha it gives divorce. Fight & quarrels, physical assaults are more prominent & frequent in manglic. Even romantic talks at times results in a quarrel.

3) Sani & Rahu are the most dangerous planets for divorces. When Sani/Rahu has any association with the 7th house it always gives divorce, except in those cases when it is in association with its own house. Sani maha dasha lasts for 19 years & Rahu maha dasha lasts for 18 years and during its maha dasha/antar dasha, in transit if it gets associated with the 7th house may also give divorce. During this period frequency of conflicts, quarrels, controversies, misunderstanding, arguments are very high. Even relationship at times gets to physical assault by either of the spouses.

4) Impotency & unable to bear son are common reasons for separation. This is more prominent in small towns/cities or where the rural population is high.

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