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Global Daily prediction Series from 21st Sep-2010 to 30th Sep-2010, in which you will find predictions on daily basis for the people across the globe.

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Global Daily Predictions21st September 2010 Tuesday: Today share and stock market will go up. Prices of steel companies and metal companies will go high. Even gold and silver may also go high. Agitation from the people for their various demands against the government may take place today. One way or another government official will have to face problematic situation. People will observe delay in their every work. People, who are decision-making authorities, will also prefer to keep the things pending. As a result dissatisfaction among the people will increase. Still common man will have normal day and evening will be little better than expected.

22nd September 2010 Wednesday: On the border of India, Pakistan and China, there can be wrong movement, which may disturb the countries. Criminals, which are in jail, may create problems to the concerned authorities. I foresee, some planning for big crime is going on and it may appear on surface within two to three days. Judiciary courts may give their decision against the government, which may also create problem for them. Somehow, I feel that Government may not have upper hand over criminals or other people, which are having nuisance value. In India and Pakistan naksalist and terrorist will create further problems in the countries respectively. Share market will go up. For common man it’s a normal day.

23rd September 2010 Thursday: On the border of some countries there can be problems. Either because of terrorist or by criminals of drug trafficking. Some country may have to face such problems. Of course people who are on power on authorities may not be moved, but things will be burning and it may become headache for them. For common man today is a good day. Lot of woman will deliver twins today. For young boys and girls evening will be very good. People, who are diabetic, they have to be more careful today. Share and stock market will go up today. Today is a full moon day. People will become more sensitive, more romantic also. Still lunatic persons may create crimes and sex crimes are possible today.

24th September 2010 Friday: Today’s morning will come with some unexpected news. Media people will magnify such news to a great extent. Today you cannot rely on people, or on politicians. They may give false promises. Man will show something else then what is in his mind. My readers are requested to be careful today. From today evening weekend will start and people will be in mood of enjoy. I would like to request my readers to enjoy at home rather than going in the pub or bar. You may encounter humiliating situation there. Late night of yesterday in U.S.A. may not be so good. Today share and stock market may go down.

25th September 2010 Saturday: Saturday will have a mix effect of good and bad to give to the people. Some lucky people will enjoy today like anything. According to the position of planets 13 pm to 16 pm in U.K. and 8 am to 11 am in U.S.A. may not be so good. If any wrong thing is to happen it may happen during this period. This does not apply to every individual, which may please be noted. For an individual his personal chart will say. His life is governed by the planetary position of his birth chart. If they are good then nothing will happen to him. On the contrary he will enjoy Saturday like anything. But today people become more sensitive and sentimental which may perhaps make them to feel bad which could have been avoided. Life is a gorgeous gift of god so you can enjoy and with the same spirit, let others also to enjoy.

26th September 2010 Sunday: People might be facing little mentally upset because of celebration they had yesterday. Today’s Sunday morning people will get up with no good mood. By this time in U.K. celebration might be going on and even in U.S.A. it would be 22 pm celebrations and enjoyment would be on peak. My dear readers please be moderate in enjoying; see that your body is not panelized. Government might be facing some auk ward situation because of the event, which could have taken place in last few days. Young boys and girls will enjoy today to their best. For common man it’s a very good day. Evening will be more romantic and colorful for families.

27th September 2010 Monday: In western country Monday morning is always little heavy under the influence of there Sunday enjoyment. This Monday morning will be little more heavy as compared to other Mondays. In India Monday morning will come with some upsetting news from the Government. Some scandal of Government officials may come out today. In the life of a common man no differences going to be there, as usual you will be fighting for his bread. Share market will show some improvement today but later on that can be washed off. Earthly element is again going to be disturbed but perhaps there may not be heavy damage to the mankind. Border problem of India, Pakistan and China may cause worry to the Government officials.

28th September 2010 Tuesday: Tuesday is the day of Mars. Mars, which is a lord of army, indicates vigor and controls the blood in the human body. Mars is an aggressive planet and so Tuesday people will come under the influence of this planet. Fortunately, today Mars is with Venus in the house of Venus. So the people will have their say in aggressive manner. Those people, which are seeking friends, may get immediately and may have quick physical relation with their partner.  Today share and stock market may go high and prices may increase. There can be more absenteeism in jobs today. In U.S.A. people will really enjoy today as if it is Sunday. Even in U.K. young boys and girls may have more fun as they have on Sunday. Still I cannot deny about the crimes, which are to take place today.  Especially today people may have delicious dinner today.

29th September 2010 Wednesday: Even today people will feel like eating good and delicious food. Ladies will have more time in kitchen and with pleasure they will cook good delicious dishes. Even it may so happen that in Western country ladies may insist her boyfriend or her husband to go in a restaurant to have a nice dinner. Share and stock market today may go down. Today women will deliver more babies. People, which are having heavy body, have to be careful in coming two to three days, as they are likely to get back pain. People, which are really suffering from back pain, have to be more careful today. People who are diabetic even they have to be more careful in eating as their blood sugar level may increase. Less drink, vegetarian food, salad with leaf and less calorie food is advisable today. Attend health first; tomorrows are there to fulfill your desires.

30th September 2010 Thursday: Again today is a day when people will feel like eating good food and delicious dishes. Even woman will feel to cook some good delicious dishes today. This can happen in U.S.A., U.K. and some other European countries. Share and stock market may go down today. Though it’s a Thursday still it’s a romantic day and some people will have great fun today. Mostly girls will be in colorful mood. They will be seeking fun. Feelings of the people man or woman will be highly romantic today. But even today some negative things are likely to happen today mostly by night according to India time. According to the timetable of U.K. and U.S.A. from 11 am to 19 pm will be a time where they have to be more careful.

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As usual would like to request you to check our forecast in day-to-day happenings in your personal life, in your city, and in your country. Perhaps, it may give you a picture how far it is correct. This is a feeling full effort to help the people to plan their tomorrows. Never get penic even if you read some negative things in the forecast. At the same time it is better if you keep it in your mind. Would be kind enough to come forward with your remarks on our website so that can do well in the larger interest of our readers and many other people. Make sure there is always a point where you can speak and somebody has to listen.

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