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Global Daily Predictions for 1-10 Oct’10

Global Daily prediction’> Series from 1st Oct-2010 to 10th Oct-2010, in which you will find predictions on daily basis for the people across the globe.

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Gloabal Daily Predictions1st October 2010 Friday: Today’s newspaper will come with some unexpected news. In U.K. midnight and in U.S.A. time from 9 am to 12 pm is really not good at all. Politicians will be facing a problem, which is hanging since last one week. Still politicians will say that things are under control. As a matter of fact it may not. For young boys and girls today will be a day of fun, particularly evening as weekend starts. For common man it is going to be a normal day, for couples good for romance.

2nd October 2010 Saturday: Again you will hear about the downfall of some politicians who is on power. He may be caught in a scam. Some scams, some scandals will come out and expose such a thing that people may have shock. Particularly politician’s positions will become ridiculous. Liar, corrupt people will be exposed. You see time does not spare anybody and time is decided by the position of the planets in the sky. When particular position take place things come out. In Astrology when Sun and Saturn meets each other, politicians come into trouble. Today is Saturday, people in western country will enjoy with this kind of news. Common people know that such kind of things is possible for them and so they do not disturb their schedule. People may have faced problem of electricity failure yesterday and even today it is possible. Share market will have a jerk and may go down in Western country.

3rd October 2010 Sunday: Position on a political front as mentioned above will remain same everyday something and something will come out. Politicians will complicate the situation by making wrong statements. But common man today will enjoy Sunday with his family to his best. Everybody will be in funny mood. Fun fever will capture almost all people and evening will become wonderful, yet somewhere electricity failure problems will be seen. People will prefer to go closer to the nature today. On a beach, in the park, or in the hills, or picnic spot will be preferable places for them. For young boys and girls it will be a wonderful Sunday.

4th October 2010 Monday: Very very sexy day. Everybody will have great romantic feeling today. Late night of Sunday in U.S.A. would have been very much colorful. Even Sunday night in U.K. will be also hilarious. For young boys and girls and people of any age will have feeling of romance. Everybody will grab this situation as per their planning. Even at a political front people will feel the same. Relationship in the offices and at job spot will also become colorful, and people will express their feeling freely. It is Monday in India but in Western country it would be Sunday an enjoyable day. New relationships with new persons are also possible. Chances are less for crime. Share and stock market with lots of fluctuations may go little down.

5th October 2010 Tuesday: It could be Monday in U.S.A. and lots of absenteeism will be there in job and even in business houses. Still the influence of yesterday’s romantic experience will be there on the mind of the people. When Venus and Mars meet each other, sexy atmosphere is created in the mind of the people. That event took place yesterday in the sky and even today its effect is continued. Mankind is always in search of a pleasure, rejoice, joy, fun, whatever word we may use but meaning of such words are more or less same. Even there is nothing wrong if man is attracted towards a woman, it is unwritten law of nature. Today and even tomorrow this situation is going to be continue. Share and stock market may increase today. On political front politicians will prefer to keep quiet rather than making absurd statements, which may invite the trouble. People who are having back pain have to be more careful today as it may increase.

6th October 2010 Wednesday: For one reason or another at political stage disturbing situation might have been created in about 1st October and its long-standing effects is still continued. Many people who are on power they may loose their position and others may have difficulties during this period. Unexpected sudden negative things can happen today. Share and stock market may go down today. For common man today is normal day. Nothing much to be worried about. Those people who are diabetic have to be more careful in eating, as they may be tempted to eat sweet and other dishes, which are harmful to them.

7th October 2010 Thursday: Today again financial situation of country will be shaking. A kind of recession may appear on surface. Most politicians of the country will start talking in negative manner. They may advice people not to do this and not to be penic and not to do that etc. Today share market will go down fastly after 13pm till 16pm by Indian time. In U.S.A. and in U.K, in both the country share market may go down. Coming two days are really not good for share market as well as for the companies. Production unit may have to suffer and utility of the things will be badly affected. Use and throw and buy new one this slogan will not work.

8th October 2010 Friday: Depression, which has come in industries and in stock market, will become more deeper. Real negative picture will appear today. Government will not take any risk, they will also reverse the commitment and the speed of progress, which is being seen all of a sudden, will appear as it stopped. This will be a great worry for the politicians. For normal common man who is earning his bread everyday and spends he has less worry, yet he will also be worried with a thought that “If this things continues then what”. Best thing in the situation is to wait and watch for a week rather becoming a penic. From today evening weekends starts people will be in a mood to enjoy and they may even forget what have heard and read. My readers are advised to enjoy keeping things in mind.

9th October 2010 Saturday: Though it is a Saturday in India but in U.S.A. it would be Friday and Friday night of U.S.A. would be very much glamorous and colorful. It would be late night in U.K. would be pleasant. This Saturday I will call it sexy Saturday and people will enjoy physical relationship with their wives or with their friends. Everybody will be tempted for the same. There will be more aggressiveness in the relationship and even sex crimes are also possible. Entire atmosphere will be very much exciting and it would be difficult to control the feelings. Even politicians will not miss this day after all they are also human beings.

10th October 2010 Sunday: Late night of Saturday in U.S.A. would have been glamorous and colorful. Most romantic Sunday. Most enjoyable day so far Western countries are concerned. Today nature will also be very kind on the people. Sunday in India will also be a very good day. Evening in India will be more enjoyable. Young boys and girls will have a lot of fun today. Celebration will last long and it may have after effect on Monday. Even atmosphere would be inspiring people for enjoyment. Everyone who is able may enjoy the relationship today.

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