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Angelina Jolie

Angelina JolieDate of birth: -- 4th June 1975

Time: -- 09:09:00

Place: -- Los Angles

Angelina Jolie is a leading one of the best actress of Hollywood. Angelina is born with Cancer dial having Venus in Cancer, Moon, Jupiter and Mars together in the 9th house. She has Rahu in the 5th house in Scorpio. Angelina has Sun, Mercury and Ketu in the 11th house and Saturn in Gemini in the 12th house. Angelina has Venus in Cancer in lagna (ascendant).

Venus in the Cancer in the first house has given her beautiful figure. Her gorgeous appearance, her sex appeal and her magnetic personality is because of Venus, moreover lord of 1st house Moon in the 9th house, which is an exaulted sign of Venus, which gives further strength to Venus. Mars, Venus triangle brought her in the show business in the glamour world of Hollywood.

Moon, Mars together in the 9th house makes a laxmiyoga and Jupiter, Mars together in the 9th house makes powerful rajyoga. This two yoga has given her name, fame and money. Sun, Mercury together in the 11th house also gives her lots of wealth and immense money. At the same time Sun, Mercury together in the Taurus makes her bold in speaking; sometimes Angelina may speak true in untrue manner.

Angelina has a Saturn, Mars square in the horoscope. Her Saturn is aspected by Mars and even Mars is aspected by Saturn. This indicates that Angelina is a woman of strong sex appeal, Angelina is bold in expressing herself, and as a result Angelina may have difference of opinions with her husband and it may result into divorce. Angelina is running in the main period of Venus and sub period of Jupiter at present, which is a very good time for her.

From January 2010 to August 2010 sub period of Mars and Rahu were running, during this period Angelina might have had problems in her marriage life. From October 2011 in main period of Venus sub period of Mercury will start and that will be very good period for her. Angelina may remarry during that period. Up to 2015 main period of Venus will run, then Sun up to 2021 and then Moon will come up to 2031. This entire period is very good and Angelina will work for a long time.

As Angelina has a Rahu in the 5th house aspected by Sun indicates that Angelina may have problems regarding children. It is rare to see that main period of good planets are arrange by divine in anybody’s horoscope, this indicates success, and happiness will be continued for a long time. Angelina Jolie is a very lucky person having grace of god and will serve in Hollywood in such a big entertainment industry for a long long time to come. I sincerely wish her brilliant success for all the years to come.

Rating: 4 stars

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