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US First Lady – Michelle Obama

Michelle ObamaDate Of birth: -- 17th January 1964

Birth Time: -- 12:00:00

Place: -- Chicago

Michelle Obama is born with Aries dial. Michelle has Rahu in Gemini, Uranus, Pluto in Leo in the 5th house, Neptune in the 7th house, Ketu and Mercury in Sagittarius in the 9th house, Saturn, Mars and Sun in Capricorn in 10th house, Moon and Venus in Aquarius in the 11th house and Jupiter in the Pisces in the 12th house.

Best planetary position is Saturn, Mars and Sun in the 10th house makes powerful rajyoga. Saturn in his own sign in the 10th house as a result Michelle was serving in law firm. Sun, Mars together indicates her study of law faculty.

Moon and Venus together gives Michelle a pleasing personality and a smiling face. This kind of people enjoys the life and they inspire other people to enjoy the life. Highly exaulted Mars in the 10th house indicates Michelle is a dynamic lady having a strong confidence. Michelle cannot be dominated by any person. But her Venus and Moon are always there to make compromise with the situation in the larger interest of family.

As a first lady in the White House, Michelle is going to play an important role that’s what her planets says. Michelle has a Jupiter in Pisces in the 12th house indicates Michelle will travel a lot in 2011, and 2011 will prove to be a wonderful year for Michelle Obama.

Her Rahu in the 3rd house in powerful position says that Michelle is a bold lady ready to take risk if required and Michelle may draw a new line as a first lady in the White House. Michelle may have differences with her husband but Michelle will prove to be a great wife.

Her own work in coming year will sign like anything and people will remember her for long long time to come.

Rating: 5 stars

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