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Free Daily Forecast for the world

Global Daily prediction Series from 21st Oct-2010 to 31st Oct-2010, in which you will find predictions on daily basis for the people across the globe.

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21st October 2010 Daily prediction Thursday: 21st, in the beginning stock market will increase and at the time of close it will go down heavily. Some wrong happenings may take place today. In some countries politicians will make courageous statements, which may have adverse effect in the country. Some countries will speak in the language of war. Some politicians will give threat to some other countries. Terrorist activities will also increase today and tomorrow you may hear the same. Road accidents will also increase and death tall will be higher than normally it can be expected. For common man today is a normal day, yet one should be careful. From 12 am to 6 pm according to Indian time, from 7 am to 14 pm in U.K. and mid night by 2 am to 6 am in U.S.A. are not good at all.

22nd October 2010 Daily prediction Friday: Even today stock market may go down. All of a sudden speed will come in life. Tension will built up and each and every person will feel a kind of pressure on their head. Politicians will also take some drastic actions, which people may not like. Now the demand from the people towards the government will increase. Some burning problems, which are hanging since long may crops up and create an awkward situation for the government officials. In India people agitate for some problem. For common man it is a normal day with some pressure. For young boys and girls in relationship aggressiveness will be seen. Weekend has started from today night.

23rd October 2010 Daily prediction Saturday: Today is a full moon day. This Saturday, Sunday people will enjoy like anything, everywhere, and in every country. Sentiments and feelings will be on top on the mind of the people. Everybody’s mind will be inspired for physical relationship. Young boys and girls will have tremendous amount of attraction towards their partner. Even in family husband and wife with their children may prefer to go away to enjoy the weekend. Planetary position is such that almost all in all countries as per their geographical and tropical condition will manage to plan to enjoy this weekend at their best. Political news whether it is good or bad will make no difference to them.

24th October Daily prediction 2010 Sunday: You must have read some upsetting news of crimes, terrorist activities and accidents in the newspaper today. It is also more or less same like yesterday. Yet Sunday is a day to enjoy for most of the country of the world. Life goes on, even in any circumstances. people should prefer to enjoy at home. You can invite your friends and others at your home and can have fun rather then going in the club or restaurant. From 16 pm to 22pm according to Indian time, in U.K. 11 am to 17 pm and in U.S.A. 6 am to 12 am this is really not a good time. Driving vehicle is not much safe.

25th October 2010 Daily prediction Monday: In the beginning the prediction about stock market will go down but in the afternoon it may increase. Info tech companies, Iron skips stocks will increase. Dollar may go down in comparison of pound and euro. Some terrorist activities or bomb blast, death of innocent people can be there today. Even sex crimes are also predicted. Not only this but planet says that yet some planning is going on for further terrorist attack in some country in coming two days. Even in relationship person will cheat each other. Just for the sake of fun relationship is ok but there will not be any depth in it. For common man it is a normal day still he has to be watchful.

26th October 2010 Daily prediction Tuesday: Today’s planet says that people will feel like eating good food. Even ladies will also feel the same and they would like to prepare good dishes today. Young girls will wait for the dinner invitation from their boyfriend. prediction about stock market will increase. Particularly color chemical companies, paints companies and pharmaceutical companies, prices will go up. Politicians will make some aggressive statements in response to the voice of the people. For common man it’s a normal day. For young boys and girls it’s a good day.

27th October 2010 Daily prediction Wednesday: Today financial condition of banks will be exposed. In some countries some banks will be running in losses. In some countries banks will face a problem because of non-payment of liabilities. Stock market may go down. Some financial scandals will come out and may become worry to the government. For common man it’s not a bad day but they will also have smell of the problems, which are to come in near future. As I have said yesterday terrorist activities will one way or another draw the attention for the people and of the government. I personally feel this is a high time and necessary measures are required to be taken.

28th October 2010 Daily prediction Thursday: Today from 14 pm to 20 pm according to Indian time, in U.K. 7 am to 12 am and in U.S.A. 4 am to 10 am is not a good time. Some negative happenings may take place, terrorist or such destructive activities or road accidents or even earthquake may take place. Stock market will fall down today. Even for an individual common man, has to be very much careful. One must control his mind, drive vehicles carefully, and be careful in speaking and using your words towards others. Politicians are likely to make courageous statements, which may injure the feelings of other politicians of other countries. For everybody it’s a tough day, it’s up to you that you do not invite the problems.

29th October 2010 Daily prediction Friday: Today’s newspaper will tell you about sad happenings of yesterday as per prediction. stock market prediction will go little down and lots of fluctuation may have some improvement. Stock market will increase little because of false rumors moving in the market, which may not have much, more bearing. As per prediction Crimes are going to be continued. A kind of wave of recession in various countries will be there, which may force them to take certain measures. Financial condition is more or less will be good. Even good country may have worried some situation. For common man prediction it’s a puzzling day. He will not be able to judge the situation where it is going to lead him. For young boys and girls prediction is a normal day. By evening weekend will start and people will try to forget such a negative stuff. Everybody will try to enjoy the way it is possible for them.

30th October 2010 Daily prediction Saturday: Today is a day of people, today there voice become louder and government officials will have to listen otherwise they can create problem to them. Some good positive steps government may declare to keep the people quiet. In democracy, people have supreme powers but they have to wait and use the same. Most people think that this will go on and it is the only way they work. To bear wrong things and to be quiet is a human tendency, an individual will think like that, but when they are associated, accumulated there voices get strength. Today is a Saturday, holiday, and in western country and people right from morning plans how to enjoy. It is really an enjoyable Saturday.

31st October 2010 Daily prediction Sunday: Some new medical research may come out, which may be helpful for the people today. New medicine can be invented for some important deceases may be good for the society today. Today is a Sunday, in western world people might have enjoyed Sunday to there best, which may have effect on their body today. In India people will enjoy Sunday fully as western people have enjoyed Saturday. Even Sunday is really a good day to enjoy, as what planet says, people will freely enjoy with dinner and drink. Today people will spend money freely for enjoyment even little more than they would have planned. For young boys and girls it is a really a wonderful day to enjoy and to have fun if life.

Dear Readers,

If you have gone through our last forecast, predictions about stock market, about the behavior of the politicians and about certain negative happenings have come correct. Still you are the best judge to give an opinion about the correctness of our forecast. You are most welcomed at our website even with your remarks then whatever it may be. You can ask any question pertaining to your life and we are there to guide you and to tell you the truth. A horoscope can be prepared if date of birth, time of birth and place of birth is given. Let tell you there is no question in the world, which cannot be answered if real horoscope is there. Then for what you are waiting. Please come on our website and give an opportunity to help you doing better.

One Liner of this Week:

This is a spiritual phenomenon, which works 100%.

You have to speak before you go to sleep and next day as soon as you open you eyes.

“Tomorrow will be a wonderful day and wonderful things will happen.”

Next day morning:

“Today is a wonderful day and wonderful things will happen.”

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