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Leonardo Dicaprio

Leonardo Dicapriobirth Date: -- 11-11-1974

Birth Time: -- 02:47:00

Birth Place: -- Los Angles

Leonardo Dicaprio is born with Virgo dial having Sun, Venus, Mars, Uranus and Mercury in Libra in the 2nd house. Leonardo has Moon in Virgo in the lagna 1st house, Rahu in Scorpio in the 3rd house. Leonardo has Jupiter in the 6th house in Aquarius and Ketu in Taurus, Saturn in the 10th house in Gemini.

Leonardo Dicaprio has got Moon in 1st in Virgo and Mercury and Venus together in the 2nd house, which makes rajyoga. This yoga has given him handsome personality and brought him in Hollywood. Moon in lagna has given him eye catching face and pleasing personality. Leonardo Dicaprio has Jupiter in the 6th house and aspecting Saturn in the 10th house, Saturn, Jupiter trine is also a very good position. This gives him success in his work, not only this even Leonardo will be benefited by his enemies. Move of his enemy will become helpful in getting better work and better position.

Titanic - Leonardo DicaprioLeonardo is running in main period of Jupiter and sub period of Venus, which is a most favorable time for him. During December 2010 and January 2011 Leonardo may have some good success. 2011 is going to be a wonderful year for him. Leonardo’s Jupiter will pass from the 7th house and 8th house and sub period of Sun will start. It will not surprise if Leonardo gets any prestigious award. 2011 to 2014 will be glorious years for Leonardo Dicaprio.

From 2017 main period of Saturn will start. And Leonardo may enter into politics. From 2017 to 2035 main period of Saturn will run. According to the chart of Leonardo, It can predict Leonardo will reach on some respectable position even in politics. Leonardo Dicaprio may marry a woman out of film industry in 2011, mostly January to May 2011. Leonardo will have some differences with his wife, but marriage will stand. Leonardo will get Support from his wife after 2017 when he will be in politics. Leonardo’s future seems to be bright, and that what it appears today. We wish him success in his career and even in his marriage life.

Rating: 3 stars

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