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Free Daily Predictions for the World from 1st-10th Nov’10

Daily HoroscopeGlobal Free Daily prediction Series from 1st Nov-2010 to 10th Nov-2010, in which you will find predictions on daily basis for the people across the world.

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Global Free Daily prediction -1st November Monday: Today stock market will improve. Particularly iron scripts rates will go high. For common man it’s a normal day. On a political front things are not that good. Perhaps dissatisfaction against system, against decision will come on surface. Earthquake, flood and heavy rain like natural calamities will damage mankind. Terrorist activities in Pakistan will damage human life. People will die without any reason. For young boys and girls today is a normal. But they will behave in a predictable manner.

Global Free Daily prediction -- 2nd November Tuesday: Most exciting day. Today you will read in newspaper about the death of humen because of natural calamities. Road accidents and terrorist activities, sex crimes are also possible. Leaders of the country will make aukward statements, which will further spoil the atmosphere. Stock market will increase today. For common man today is a exciting day. He has to control his negative feelings. If you hurt the person, you cannot expect them to be good with you. For young boys and girls it’s a good time, still if they cannot control their feelings then there can be break up in the relationship.

Global Free Daily prediction - 3rd November Wednesday: Today will be full of tension for many people. Most public will drive their routine faster than they should be. As a result quarrels, differences, hurting of feelings, accidents and many wrong things can happen. Those who are watchful awake and understand the value of the words they are speaking will not have any problem. At a political front even picture is not good. Many politicians make unnecessary statements, which create problem in the country. It spoils the atmosphere. This is possible in India and Pakistan both. For stock market prices will go down. For young boys and girls today is with mix effect of good and bad.

Global Free Daily prediction -4th November Thursday: Today prediction is Unpredictable. Right from morning most people will face what to do and what not to do. Even some may have a feeling that something will happen they will not make out what will happen. For criminals for planning about negative activities this could be a good day. Stock market will go down. Some people will have tension for no reason. For common man running about finance will be an additional worry. For young boys and girls it’s not a good day.

Global Free Daily prediction -5th November Friday: In India today is Diwali, a great festival. From small to big everyone will enjoy today as per their capacity. It is known as festival of lights. Most people will go in temple and make request to god to lead them from darkness to light. According to Indian time 13pm to 19 pm, in U.K. 7am to 13pm and in U.S.A. on Thursday from 15pm to 21pm will be a very good time. This weekend is really going to be very much enjoyable for all across the world. For young boys and girls today is a very good day, they will have lots of fun.

Global Free Daily prediction -6th November Saturday: In India Diwali festival is going on, still it will run for another four days. From poorest to richest all will enjoy these days. They will wear new clothes, have good food, greet the people and pay respect to them is a funda of this festival. In western country as today is a Saturday, and in U.S.A. Friday night, so they will also enjoy. Every weekend is a day to enjoy for all those people in western country. For young boys and girls today is a very good day to enjoy freely.

Global Free Daily prediction -7th November Sunday: Greatest festival day in India, it is a New Year Day, and people will pay respect to elders and relatives. They will greet the people with love and pleasure and offer sweets and pray that New Year will be very much happy year to them. You will find people’s face with a charming smile, shade of pleasure on their face. Have you ever thought that on such a day how come everybody be happy? When other things are same. As a matter of fact pleasure is nowhere in clothes or food or in dream, it is within us. We only allow pleasure to come out and spread the same in the atmosphere. If we allow pleasure to come out and decide to be happy and cheerful, no person in the world can stop us. Most unfortunate thing is this that we are always in search of some reasons to do the same. Most of time we think about a thing we do not like, which is called tension. We only invite the same. This is a simple truth if people understand then he has to move towards light from all the darkness of life and nobody can stop him.

Global Free Daily prediction -8th November Monday: Today is a third day of Diwali festival in India. Today is a special day for the relationship of brother and sister. Today sister who is married away from brother invites him for lunch or dinner. Brother gives gift to his sister. Even today is meeting with the people and greeting them, giving New Year’s good wishes is also continued. People do visit their relatives, pay respect to the elders and have blessing for New Year, in western country it could be a Sunday so they will enjoy and in U.K. it could be late night proceeding towards Monday. Again from Monday daily routine will start and life will go on.

Global Free Daily prediction -9th November Tuesday: Normally Diwali festival in India is of five days. Fourth and Fifth days work does not get start. Only in production unit on fourth day it starts. On fifth day in an auspicious time people starts work with a thought and pray that this New Year will be a good, prosperous and fruitful but in western countries terrorist problems, volcano blast, road accidents are also possible. Because Mars is playing its role seriously. Even in Pakistan and China such negative happenings may take place. Death of innocent people for no reason can be seen. This is the world. World was like this even before 100 years and it will be the same even after another 10 years. Yet, blessing of god, his kindness helps life to spring up, brings cheerfulness in the nature and makes man happy.

Global Free Daily prediction -10th November Wednesday: Today is a unpredictable day. Not a good day. For criminals, terrorist and for such people it could be a good day, as they will be successful in doing their activities. I would very much like to advice my readers to be careful at every step of the life, please do not rely on any person and do not try to put your all ideas into action as some dirty negative thoughts may come in the mind of the people. From 18pm to 23pm according to Indian time, in U.K. from 13pm to 19pm and in U.S.A. on Tuesday from 22pm to 4am of Wednesday are not good at all.

Dear Readers,

There are warm greetings and Best wishes to our readers on the great festival of India -- Diwali. From 7th November Gujarati New Year is starting and we wish this New Year may bring love, pleasure, happiness and prosperity in the life of the people all over the world. Once again we would like to make a request you all to come forward with your remarks on our articles and website. Exchanging good wishes for new coming year is not going to cost you.

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