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Free Daily Predictions for the people across the world from 11th-20th Nov’10

World Daily prediction Series for the people across the globe from 11th Nov-2010 to 20thNov-2010. If you are finding this useful, appreciate your valuable comments:

World Daily Free Predictions11th November 2010 Thursday: We once again wish very happy and prosperous New Year, which has started from 7th November to all our readers. As per world horoscope you will find across the world over cautious as if something wrong is to happen. Politicians will make contradictory statements against their image. Financial position of an individual man, a family and a country would be worry some. Increasing the finance will be a prominent question for all. Stock Exchanges because of some rumor will improve As per world horoscope. For young boys and girls , is a good day but they have to be cautious as they may meet a person having something wrong in their mind. For common man it is a normal day.

12th November 2010 Friday: As per world horoscope this is not a good day. Terrorist activities, killing of innocent people particularly in Pakistan is possible. Volcano blast and damage because of that is also possible. Yesterday Stock Exchange might have improved and even today that improvement will be continued. Earthquake in some part of the world is also predicted. On a political front things will be hot they will make statements and may take courageous measures. For young boys and girls this is a good day. From  evening weekend will start and group of Men & Women will start making fun.

13th November 2010 Saturday: As per plenatary positions this is again not a good day. Nature is not in a good mood to bless the mankind. Today air crash, fire incidents, road accidents are predicted. Many human may die for absurd reasons. Share market may go down in U.S.A. because of some cracking news.  again world people will have to be very much watchful. Life is very precious gift of god and one should love it. Loss of youth can be more . Yet this is a Saturday for the Men & Women of western country a day to enjoy and we wish they enjoyed with pleasure.

14th November 2010 Sunday: Today also death tall can be high. You will find the same in newspaper . Volcano blast in some country may create more problems to them. Lots of human life will be affected. Even all, who are suffering from high blood pressure, may have to be extra careful as they may face more problems. Stock Exchanges will go down . Sunday all world people will enjoy with lots of drink, which also may create problem. Today people will drink more than normally they do.

15th November 2010 Monday: All those, who are suffering from blood cancer or any other cancer this is a bad day for them. If you have had heavy celebration yesterday on Sunday then today you may not feel easy. In U.S.A. or in western country it must be Sunday and they have to be careful in eating and drinking. Excess in everything is bad. If you want to feel happy on Monday then please be careful on Sunday. So many Sunday will come in your life. Share market will be up in the beginning but it may go down at the time of closer. For young boys and girls it is a good day.

16th November 2010 Tuesday: You must have read in the newspaper today about the sad incidents as I have mentioned before. Mars is showing its color and distractive activities damage to the mankind for one reason or another will go on. Even in relationship of husband and wife ups and down will come but wise people remain cool and let hurry can pass. For young boys and girls there can be breaks in the relationship. For common man it’s a normal day. Stock Exchanges have lots of fluctuation but ultimately it will go down.

17th November 2010 Wednesday: At least today is a better day as compared to yesterday. Still more furious days are yet to come. You will find war some situation is some of the country in coming few days. Person at a government level will be put into very auk ward situation. They will see trouble coming from all the directions. What to do and what not to do will be a problem to them. For young boys and girls a better day then last few days. Stock Exchanges will go down today.

18th November 2010 Thursday: Even today will be copy of yesterday. Now Sun has join with Mars, which indicates that damaging factors will become more powerful. Even nature will not be kind on the people. Bad people will have more strength to do wrong distractive activities. They will courageously carry out their plan and world will have no alternative then to see the bad happenings. Till 30th November 2010 these things will continue in one country or another. Stock Exchanges will go down. For young boys and girls this is a normal day if they are watchful.

19th November 2010 Friday: Friday will be little better then yesterday. Stock Exchanges will improve . Land and property rates will increase. In western country it will be a good day. From today evening weekend will start and majority public will make fun vigorously. It’s a grace of god that he has arranged things nicely on a weekend day for the human life. Thank god from the heart of your heart and have fun at night.

20th November 2010 Saturday: It’s really a good day to enjoy. Man can enjoy very nicely if he has tension free mind and happy mood. Saturday comes with all those things for the people of this world. Saturday night in U.S.A. will be pretty good; all will have lots of fun. Yet would like to say there is no pleasure in drink, it is in your mind. So, while drinking please discipline yourself as beautiful silky night is waiting for you.

Our forecast about flood, bomb blast in Pakistan, death of innocent people and natural calamities, which world have seen, has come correct date-wise. There can be a difference of 24 hours, which is a time difference of east and west.

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