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Forecast For the World from 21st Nov’10 to 30th Nov’10 –Free Daily Horoscope

World Forecast for Nov-2010Today Find your Free Forecast for the World People. In this Daily prediction Series you will find horoscope reading for the people across the globe from 21st Nov-2010 to 30th Nov-2010. If you are finding this useful, appreciate your valuable comments:

21st November 2010 Sunday: Though today is Sunday in India yet it’s a Saturday evening in U.S.A. and mid night of Saturday in U.K. people might be enjoying. So far food and drinks are concerned, yesterday and today’s planetary position indicates that people will make it excess and they may spoil Sunday morning. In India people will have tough Sunday. With exciting news at a political front in the newspaper with that their Sunday will start. Yet it can say that Sunday evening will be colorful and people will make fun like anything. Hot food and dinner in the restaurant will be normal feature for them. For young boys and girls they will enjoy Sunday very freely.

22nd November 2010 Monday: Today is a full moon day in India called Purnima. On a full moon day desires and feelings of a person touches the sky. They try their fantasy today. Lovemaking, romance and new relationship will be prominent feature of today. In India it’s a great festival day known as dev diwali. Today people go in temple for the darshan of god and feel happy. Good delicious food is a must today. In most of the Indian festival are being enjoyed with good and rich food. Even a small man will also enjoy today as per his capacity. Stock market may go up today.

23rd November 2010 Tuesday: As long as Mars in Scorpio, Tuesday a day of Mars is going to be a destructive day. From 9 am to 11 am according to Indian time, from 4 am to 6 am in U.K. and 23 pm to 1 am in U.S.A. is not a good time. All negative things can happen. Road accidents are very much possible. For small reasons quarrels among the people may take place. Sex crimes are also possible. For common man best way is to be watchful and to keep him away from such spots. Stock market may go up today. In Pakistan some terrorist activities are possible, which may result into death of some innocent people. For young boys and girls have to be cool today, otherwise there can be break in relationship.

24th November 2010 Wednesday: Today stock market may go up because of some rumor. It will not be a genuine rise in the prices; it would be falsely created be some big players of the share market and nothing else. Still Wednesday is a better day as compared to Tuesday but damage, which is done on Tuesday; its effect will be seen on today. Some dirty planning will be made at government level as example increasing of prices of certain things, which will affect the people today. Even today is not free from negative terrorist activities or such activities, which cause damage to mankind. People who are suffering from blood cancer or any other cancer today could be a bad day for them. For common man today is a normal day if he is watchful.

25th November 2010 Thursday: Today is an unpredictable day. Today many things will happen, which is not expected. Negative Destructive activities are also predicted. Evening of India, afternoon of U.K., and late night of U.S.A. would be eventful of course negative events. Today is a bad day for the people having neurokind disease. Their problems can be aggravated. For stock market falls rise is going to be continued. A misunderstanding, unnecessary argument, breaking the relationship for young people in western country is also possible. For common man today is not a good day. For politicians it’s a tough day to watch the things happening, which they do not like.

26th November 2010 Friday: Today stock market will give signals of rising and going up but at the end of the day it will go down. From 13pm to 19pm according to Indian time, in U.K. 8 am to 13 pm, and in U.S.A. 3 am to 9 am of Friday morning is not good at all. During this period all negative things may happen. From tonight weekend will start in western country. Everybody will be in hilarious mood to enjoy and to make fun. It would like to advice my readers to keep it up to 24 pm. What is to happen that is going to happen? What if we are careful and watchful then problem may pass near by.

27th November 2010 Saturday: Today is a really a good day as compared to yesterday. Today evening is going to be colorful. People will enjoy like anything. Yet, some financial scandals of a politician may become big news for the people. A part from this today is a day to enjoy for all the people of the world. For young boys and girls today is a wonderful day particularly in western country they will enjoy like anything. For common man today is a good day with less worry they will also enjoy.

28th November 2010 Sunday: According to Indian time from 12 am to 6 pm, in U.K. 6 am to 12 are, and in U.S.A. on Saturday mid night 1 am to 7 am on Sunday morning this is going to be a wonderful time. People will enjoy good delicious food; rich drinks and fun will be main in the course. Sunday with good news right from the morning will start. For young boys and girls it is as good as springtime to enjoy and to develop the relationship.

29th November 2010 Monday: Today in western world people will get up in morning with pleasant experiences of last night. Sunday is having a strong effect on mind as well as on body and yet it is really present. But today some people will not be in a mood of doing physical work though they will attend. It’s a normal Monday. Today again stock market may go down. Some countries, which are in a bad shape so far finance is concerned, may have some more problems. Even this can be news today. Today is a day one should not put trust on anybody, when matter of money and finance is concerned. For common man today is a normal day, as he has to face what comes before him with minimum resources he has.

30th November 2010 Tuesday: Today Mars has changed the sign, it was in the sign of war and it has come in the sign of knowledge. Now Tuesday for next month will not be that fatal as it was in the last month. Yet, today’s planetary position says that something is going on underground and it may come out in coming few days. Position of finance and trade businesses of some country are not good and they may suffer in coming few days. Picture will be clear in coming two days.

Dear Readers,

Planets indicate whether it is good or bad. Hope is such a thing, which gives movement to the life. For better hope we have to make paramount efforts and it gives results. Today world is glamour’s and gorgeous by the efforts people have made. Before 50 years world was not like that what appears today. So, please do that panic by reading any negative predictions. For an individual things are depending on his own chart. You are most welcomed to our website http://astromyfriend.com/astro_reports and can reveal what your planets are hiding for you.

One Liner of the Week:

You have to speak this one liner before you go to sleep and next day morning as soon as you open your eyes.

“I am under the grace of god, and nothing wrong will happen to me.”

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