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Nicolas Sarkozy – The President of France

Nicolas SarcozyDate of birth: Jan 28, 1955

Birth Time: 22:00

Birth Place: Paris, France

Nicolas Sarkozy is born with Virgo dial having Saturn in Libra in the second and Venus in Scorpio in the third house, Rahu in Sagittarius in the fourth and Sun in Capricorn in the fifth house, Mercury in Aquarius in the 6th and Mars-Moon together in the seventh house in Pisces. Jupiter and Ketu in Gemini in the tenth and Uranus in 11th and Pluto in Leo in the twelfth house.

Best planetary position in the horoscope is highly exalted Saturn in the second, Moon and Mars in the seventh and Jupiter in the tenth house fourth from the Moon in Gaj-Kesari Yoga.

On 6 May 2007, Nicolas Sarkozy became the sixth person to be elected President of the Fifth Republic (which was established in 1958), and the 23rd president in French history. He is the first French president to have been born after World War II.

Saturn indicates his progress in politics, Nicolas Sarkozy is a born politician, and he knows where to speak and what to speak. Moon and Mars in the seventh house together indicates Laxmi yoga means Nicolas Sarcozy will have lot of money in his life. Mars in the seventh being a lord of third house indicates Nicolas Sarcozy is a dynamic courageous man. Venus in the third house indicates women will be more attracted towards him for his courageous and bold speaking aggressive nature. His attraction towards women may make him unpopular among the people of his country. Nicolas Sarkozy may earn hatred from the people because his mercury lord of the first house is sitting in the sixth house.

Looking to his marriage life indicates two marriages and perhaps it would be difficult for him to be honest and faithful in this matter. So far 2011 is concerned it is really going to be a good year for him. Nicolas Sarcozy will have brilliant success in his political career. Despite of heavy odds Nicolas Sarcozy will come off and prove his worth as a president of France. In a house Nicolas Sarcozy is living seems to be ill omen. Nicolas Sarcozy may have one son and one daughter.

2016 to 2020 these years will not be good for him. Nicolas Sarcozy will suffer long standing sickness. Till that Nicolas Sarcozy will be rising in the sky of politics like a star. We sincerely wish him good health and long life so that Nicolas Sarcozy can serve his country France and can give his best to the world.

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