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Daily horoscope for the worldToday Find your free Forecast for the World People. In this Daily prediction Series you will find horoscope reading for the people across the globe from 1st Dec-2010 to 10th Dec-2010.

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1st December 2010 Wednesday: First of December seems to be good. Morning and afternoon in India will be good. Even in U.K. morning will be good but afternoon and evening rainy and cold in U.K. and in U.S.A. right from morning it could be very cold. Wind elements may create problem in U.S.A., people will prefer to be at home and they will run back to their home from their job. Fun places, restaurants and pubs will have less visitors. We have to accept the nature in its real form then whatever it is. Stock market will also have less fluctuation, no more rise is predicted. For old people it’s a day to be at home.

2nd December 2010 Thursday: Today in the beginning stock market will give signal of rising, but at the time of closer by the end of the day it will go down. Morning, afternoon and evening in India is going to be cold, but in U.K and U.S.A. it could be very much cold. Some financial scandals of a person or a politician may come out today, which could be hot news for today and tomorrow. Thursday is normally a good day as it’s a good planet does well to the people. For young boys and girls evening will be very good and they may have fun.

3rd December 2010 Friday: You will definitely read about the financial scandal of a politician or any other officer in the newspaper today. Today is a good day. From today evening weekend will start and people will seek fun. It’s a good fun time evening. In U.S.A. it will be a very good day to enjoy. Today stock market will increase because of some news. For young boys and girls it’s a very good day to enjoy and to have fun. For common man it will be a good day. At a political front there will be lot of movement because of the news of financial scandals.

4th December 2010 Saturday: Those persons suffering from blood cancer or any other cancer for them today and tomorrow are very bad. Even people who are suffering from high blood pressure even they have to be more careful, they have to control their anger otherwise they may have health problem. Mid night in U.S.A. and early morning in U.K. will not be good. Afternoon will be good. Today is a Saturday people will enjoy with good food and rich drinks. Planetary positions indicates that many people will do excess in eating as well as in drinking and they may invite problems. I would like to advice my readers to enjoy in a moderate manner not at the cost of health. Even hospitalization during these two days will be on a higher side. For young boys and girls it’s a good day if they are watchful.

5th December 2010 Sunday: Death does not attack, it comes slowly and most unfortunate thing is this that man only prepares way for it. Life is a gorgeous gift of god and it has to be respected. You can enjoy but you must draw a line. So many Saturday and Sunday will come in your life to enjoy. You must bear this in your mind. Today is really a horrible Sunday. One must be very much careful. From 14pm to 20pm according to Indian time, from 7am to 12pm according to U.K. timings and 10pm to 4am of Sunday morning in U.S.A. is really not good. My readers are requested please do not invite problems.


6th December 2010 Monday: Today’s newspaper will speak about the happenings of yesterday. With a gloomy mood people wake up in the morning in India. It’s a new moon day. In U.K. and U.S.A., which might have resulted into sad happenings of yesterday, which will become news today. Stock market will go down because of the certain news from western countries. Once again dead body of recession will get up and put so many countries in worry some position. Even in personal relationship pleasure and joy will disappear. Perhaps, today is a day when most of the people of the world will not have fun even in physical relationship.

7th December 2010 Tuesday: Today stock market will crash, will go down heavily. Even there can be earthquake in any country of the world or any other natural calamity, which will be disastrous for the people. Today’s situation is horrible and it will affect any person of the world. There can only be a difference of time. In U.K it’s a mid night time from 4am to 8am, in U.S.A. by 1am to 6am of Tuesday morning. Some lucky people may escape, god is there to save them but most of the people have to be very careful during this day. At a political front leader will be worried about the things, which are coming before them. For common man it’s a normal day, perhaps he has no choice then to face what comes.

8th December 2010 Wednesday: Today in stock market there can be false rise in prices are predicted. War some situation in some countries are also predicted. Terrorist activities and such destructive activities, which cause the damage to the mankind is strongly predicted. Some politicians will make some aggressive statements, which will further spoil the situation. For common man its not a good day, he has to be very much careful. Recession is appearing and it is coming on surface. Before it spoils the economical condition of a country, leaders have to be serious about it. For young boys and girls it’s a good day.

9th December 2010 Thursday: Something is bubbling and it is going to come up today or tomorrow. People are going to see unforeseen negative event within day or two. People will have to control their negative emotions. My readers are requested to be cool and avoid conflict as far as possible. Today stock market again will go down because of the events taken place in last two days. Normal citizen has become cautious, he is awakened. He will organize his needs according to the priority. Shopping craze will go down slowly and slowly. Sex crimes are also possible today. People will enjoy without worry, as they have to worry in coming days. You can shift your worry on some other day but you just can’t avoid it.

10th December 2010 Friday: People who are having blood cancer or high blood pressure for them today is a bad day. They have to be extra careful. Late night of U.S.A. may not be so good. Today is a day full of tension for most of the people. Planetary position is such that if you do not control your thought then you may dash with the situation and may invite problems. Something will be done by the politician today. Politicians have always liberty of a time. They can push any decision for tomorrow or for any long time. But we have to take a decision today, if the situation demands. Stock market will show some improvement today. From today evening weekend will start and people push the worries for Monday and will make fun. Hope for the best for all.

Dear Readers,

First ten days of December are really not good for most of the people of the world. What is to happen that is going to happen only thing we can do is to be careful. Good is being valued only because bad is there. So, accordingly it is going to remain in the world. Try to make your own world where it cannot enter and you can breath freely without worry.

One Liner Of The Week:

This one liner you have to speak before you go to sleep at night and as next day morning as soon as you open your eyes:


“Nothing is going happen to me as I am under the grace of god.”

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