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Bipasha Basu – At Astrology Glance

Bipasa BasuBipashu Basu: this Bollywood dazzler started out as a supermodel before scorching the big screen with her sultry sensuality. Bipasha was born on the 7 January 1979 in New Delhi, later moving with her family to Kolkata. Bipasha Basu is born with Pisces dial; her moon sign is Aries, Moon in the 2nd house, highly exaulted Jupiter in 5th house in Cancer. Saturn and Rahu together in Leo in the 6th house. Venus in the 9th house in Scorpio, Sun, Mars and Mercury in the 10th house in Sagittarius.

Jupiter being a lord of the lagna is exaulted in the 5th house in Cancer aspecting the lagna more over Jupiter in Navmansha is in Libra, which is a sign of Venus. This has given her beautiful eye catching figure and profession of acting. Moon in the 2nd house being a lord of the 5th house indicates she will earn lots of money. Sun, Mars and Mercury together in the 10th house indicate she is a workaholic. She does her work with pleasure and honestly. Conjunctions of these three planets have given her success in her profession and commanding situation in filmdom.

In 2011 she will have more success and her films will make a big score. She may have award during 2011. There are chances for her marriage in between January to May 2011 or in November – December 2011. If she does not get marry in 2011 then again she will have a chance for marriage in 2012. She must get marry before November 2012, otherwise then for another 3 years she will not have a chance for marriage and it will become too late.

She has a Saturn and Rahu in the 6th house and Uranus in the 8th house indicates that her marriage life will not be so happy as one can expect. She will have two children and after the birth of children she may loose the charm of her figure and perhaps, she may quit the industries.

She will have good health and long life. Her liver could be weak part of her body; she must take care of her liver and should keep herself away from drinking.

Rating: 3 stars

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