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Global Daily Predictions for 10-20 Oct’10

Global Daily prediction Series from 11th Oct-2010 to 20th Oct-2010, in which you will find predictions on daily basis for the people across the globe.

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World Forecast11th October 2010 Monday: Though today is Monday in India but in U.S.A. it is a night of Sunday and in U.K it is mid night, people might be celebrating with pleasure. Yet, some road accidents are predicted. When you enjoy having fun in your mind you must cut down the speed of thinking in your mind. You can enhance your love and pleasure if you go slowly or else you will reduce the charm and you may encounter a situation you have not expected. So accordingly while driving one has to be careful as life is a gorgeous gift of god and should not be wasted. In India morning may come with some upsetting news in the newspapers. Politicians will keep quiet and will try to hide their face. For common man today is a day of full tension and negative thoughts. Share and stock market will go heavily down.

12th October 2010 Tuesday: Today is a Tuesday, a day of Mars. Mars is a planet, which gives speed to the life, to the movement of happenings. There can be fast development of negative things in the society and even in personal life of a man. In the race of earning money, man has gone so far and has reached to a stage where he will do everything, good or bad no matters to him. Truth, honesty, ethics everything he forgets and as a result he invites the problems. Today is more or less going to be the same as I have mentioned above. For common man today is a normal day. For young boys and girls today will be good if they are watchful. Share and stock market will go down today.

13th October 2010 Wednesday: At a government level something is moving on. They may make some statements, which may further create problems. Something wrong may happen in between 6 pm to 12 pm according to Indian time. In U.K. 13 pm to 19 pm and in U.S.A. 8 am to 14 pm is really not a good time. Even innocent people may have to suffer. Even in job people are going to make mistakes for which they may have to suffer, only lucky people may escape. Common man will be in puzzle what to do and what not to do will be a problem to him. Share and stock market may increase. It will not be a big rise in India but in U.S.A. on Wednesday there will be big rise.

14th October 2010 Thursday:  U.S.A. share market has increased yesterday and as a result Indian share and stock market will increase. New height will be touched. At a political front politician will courageously will make statements for progress and improvement. For common man it will be difficult to digest their statements and promises. Picture of economy and country will be shown better and rosy. For young boys and girls it’s a good day. Yet, people will be unpredictable. They will say something else and they will act something else. It will be difficult to know what is in the heart of the people. People will be over cautious at every step of their life.

15th October 2010 Friday: Again today share and stock market is going to increase. New prices will be seen. Particularly info tech share prices will increase. This seems to be a temporary phase, it may not be a genuine rise, but some big players of share market may drive the market to a higher level. For common man it is a good day. For young boys and girls today will be a good day and from today evening weekend will start and then everybody will start seeking fun.

16th October 2010 Saturday: In western country people says that India is a country of festivals. In India nearly 20 days are there of vivid festivals in a year. Indian people will enjoy these days with good food, visiting fun making places and on pilgrims. In western country every weekend they celebrate, everybody will enjoy with dinner, drink and dance. Not only this people will enjoy weekend freely spending money according to their pocket. This is really going to be a good weekend so far U.K., U.S.A. and some other western countries are concerned. There people does not economize their fun budget. Well enjoy weekend but be watchful tomorrow is a Sunday and yet again you are going to have one more chance. Do not forget to thank god for what he has given to you.

17th October 2010 Sunday: Today is for politicians to proclaim. They will say something big but it may not sound as what they say. Sunday is a day to enjoy everywhere in any country. In India people enjoy and have fun on Sunday only. You may enjoy and help others to enjoy, call people at your home and make fun with them. Giving pleasure to others is a very rare and great thing. If you spread happiness among your friend and relatives it is going to come back to you with ten fold or even hundred fold. This is a law of karma. What an Indian mythology says.

18th October 2010 Monday: Today is a very good day for all. People will go on their job or on their work having nice mood, colored by yesterday’s pleasure. Even on political front politicians will declare some positive actions, which will have good impact among the people and even on economy of a country. Share market may increase a little. For common man today is a very good day. For young boys and girls very good to start a new week. Some new economical planning will made to improve the growth rate of country.

19th October 2010 Tuesday:  Mars is a lord of war, army, battle and fight and all kind of violence. Today is a Tuesday, a day of Mars but Mars is going to change the sign tomorrow and he will go in his own sign, which will change the whole scenario of the world. In coming one month you will see conflicts between the countries, increased terrorist activities, small war at the borders of the countries and military actions will be taken by some country. These kinds of things will happen in coming month, but today there can be a little quietness before it comes. Economy of some country is, yet in a bad shape, most politicians always try to hide such things, and they confess only when things go beyond their control. For common man today is a normal day and for him it will be a normal routine day. Yet he will smell the things, which are to come in next few days.

20th October 2010 Wednesday: Today Mars has changed but its effects will be seen by 14 pm in the world by Indian time. In U.K. right from morning there will be some fast moment in the country and even in the life of people from today itself. When Mars is influencing the mind of the people it become difficult to control the feelings whether it is good or bad. Even common man will also feel today the same. In case of young boys and girls small conflicts can break up the relationship. Share market will increase a little and then it will go down even below the opening price.

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