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Emerald Buying Tips

Emerald represents the Mercury. Emerald is normally Velvety green in color. Mercury is the planet of intelligence, speech, communication, trade and commerce. By wearing Emerald one can boost their knowledge and intelligence, communication and business skills. Very beneficial to the nervous system. Check your Emerald Buying Tips now..

Citrine Gemstone – A Substitute gem for Yellow Sapphire

Citrine is a gemstone belonging to the semiprecious stones category.Citrine is a variety of Quartz and ranges in color from a pale yellow to orange brown.It is an extremely popular but inexpensive substitute to yellow sapphire gemstone

Citrine is the symbol of prosperity and popularity considered as the 13th wedding anniversary. Citrine is the secondary stone for the month November as a replacement for Topaz. According to Western Astrology it symbolizes Gemini, Virgo and Libra whereas according to the Eastern Astrology it signifies Pisces and Sagittarius. With numerical value of 6 it gives a positive result to those bearing the number.