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Gemstones -Semi Precious Stones

Gemstones serve as valuable agents of electromagnetic energy that influences the electrochemical nature of the human organism. Gems are being widely used as a popular astrological remedy to negate adverse planetary influences. They transmit cosmic rays that counteract negative vibrations of planets. Ancient Indian scriptures ‘Vedas’ contain the most complete descriptions and scientific knowledge of gemstones, their description, potencies and prescriptions for effective usage. Colourful Gems are naturally beautiful and hence attracting mankind for thousands of years. Historically, there are numerous references to the use of gemstones by ancient kings to improve their fortunes for expanding their influence and winning wars. It implies that it brought forth immense good fortune. They are not mere fashion material but are healing stones absorb and produce specific energies that are related to the frequencies of the light that they receive. It increases the flow of positive and constructive vibrations by strengthening favorable planets, which might otherwise be weak in the horoscope. Here there is information for some semi precious stones as below

AmethystAmethyst- Connection to the Divine, Purification and Protection, spiritual love, healing and wisdom.  Soothing and calming influence. Opening of the Psychic centers, intoxication, spiritual power, February Month birth Stone Stone

TurquoiseTurquoise — Luck, Love, Healing, Used to calm emotions and overstimulated minds. Induces wisdom and understanding.  A stone of friendship and protection.

kyaniteBlue Kyanite — Enhances creative expression, Opens way to astral travel and action on a higher plane.

TopazTopaz - Brings out individuality and creative power, Will calm the emotions, Vibration quality of light, of joy, of love.

Lapis LazuliLapis Lazuli — Stimulates creativity, Cleanses and aligns ethereal, mental and spiritual bodies, Wisdom and universal insight.

Tiger EyeTiger Eye — Beneficial For Confidence, Remove Bad Dreams, Focusing of the mind and the power of the mind. Protection and good luck. Helps increase psychic ability, Stabilizer.

moon stoneMoon Stone — Gem of Hope, substitute for pearl, Helps to soothe and balance emotions, Brings happiness. Psychic ability, inner growth and strength.

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Gemstones in Life

What is the Importance of Gemstones in Human Life. Why Astrology Suggest to wear specific Gemstone for individuals based on their horoscope – Science Behind Gemstone Astrology !!

Gem Therapy

Gemstones represent and denote planets in our horoscope. Planets and their power in our horoscope are strengthened by wearing of the correct gemstone. The suitable gem can be determined by an in depth study of the horoscope. Wearing the proper gemstone of the correct weight at the appropriate time can enhance the results and can operate the ‘yogas’ in the horoscope more effectively.

Pink Sapphire – “Made For Valentine”

While red is the shade of passion and deep indulgence; pink is the color of first love in its initial steps. It’s the representation of many things such as the rosy on cheeks of the girl you fist lost your heart to, soft music in the air, and the flowery fragrance of your lover’s perfume. This soft color evokes many emotions of love and the tenderness related to the first experience of falling in love.

Nothing could be a more appropriate representation of color pink than the ever beautiful and ever flaunting Pink Sapphire. In whatever form or design of jewelry it is, pink sapphire is always set to win hearts. Present your love this passionately colored stone. And, this brilliant sparkling charm would never go wrong in its mission of pleasing.

Some may think that Pink sapphire might be useful only for teenage girls and girls in their twenties but pink sapphire is also capable of carrying elegant and mature designs with equal ease. Starting from pendants, if you want to stick to the signature heart shaped pendants there is a lot you can do to it. Apart from heart shaped sapphire studded solitaire pendants there are many heart shaped contemporary designs. There are few designs that play around with sapphire accents accentuating whole shape or the borders. You can also combine the magic of pink sapphire and diamonds.

Next to pendants comes the fever of rings. Rings are more profound than other form of jewelry as they have been an epitome of involvement, commitment, and love amongst the couples in love. It is the gift that is straight with its message and could be used to take a relationship to a whole new level. Whether it is for proposing a girl for friendship or proposing a girlfriend for marriage, pink sapphire rings are an ideal gift giving option for Valentine’s Day. Rings again start from solitaire designs and go up- to elaborate designer patterns.

Apart from pendants and rings, earrings and bracelets also stand out to be a unique option of gifting on Valentine’s Day. As rings and pendants are most commonly gifted forms of jewelry it is very pleasing and offbeat when you gift someone with earrings or bracelets. Since deep pink is a color that might not gel easily with other piece of jewelry make sure you either gift a complete jewelry set or match earrings with something they have already got. You can also go for studs or designs that can be worn casually without a neck piece.

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Natural Gemstones are Creations of Nature

For an artist, every creation of nature symbolizes the supreme inspiration behind the most artistic of creations. Whether the verdant countryside, sun-kissed mountains, gurgling waterfalls or the sublime appeal of luscious fruits, blossoming flowers or lush green trees, these natural creations arrest ones attention instantly, and give a free rein to an artist’s wild imagination.  

And since natural gemstones are creations of nature too, they display the same kind of zeal and effervescence while trying to woo jewelry designers. And if you are among the legions of jewelry enthusiasts that gravitate naturally towards retail and wholesale gemstone jewelry stores to buy these rare and precious, breathtakingly colored gemstones, then you require no introduction to the kind of stupefaction that their natural beauty and elegance generates.

Nature’s Magic Continues Unabated

Alexandrite, aquamarine, amethyst, topaz, tourmaline, loose emeralds, sapphires and gemstone ruby are just a few of Mother Nature’s most stunning, sensational creations that weave magic in all directions. It’s just not their delicate color that envelopes you in complete euphoria; they manage to elicit piquant reactions even with their tantalizing texture.

Natural gemstones are actually minerals or organic matter that is formed naturally without any human intervention. Despite the presence of inclusions, often regarded as imperfections, they look almost flawless when they embellish sterling silver and gold gemstone jewelry in their untreated and unenhanced form.

So does that mean that all sparkling and shimmering gemstones for sale have been created by nature for millions of years? Yes, that’s true; and this simply magnificent creation is only cut and polished in an attempt to burnish its intrinsic aura.

So the next time you buy a gemstone, remember it is one in a million.

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