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Crystals – Their Colour effects, Planetary Amulets & Healing Properties

In This Article, we have tried to give basic information about each crystal and their color effects, their planetary effects and Healing Properties.

What is the meaning of birth stones?

Birth stones are gemstones associated with the month of an individual’s birth. Some people believe birth stones, also called natal stones, are good luck charms that carry protective powers.

Emerald Buying Tips

Emerald represents the Mercury. Emerald is normally Velvety green in color. Mercury is the planet of intelligence, speech, communication, trade and commerce. By wearing Emerald one can boost their knowledge and intelligence, communication and business skills. Very beneficial to the nervous system. Check your Emerald Buying Tips now..


There are three main factors which govern the price of a Gemstone. First is stability, second is beauty & The third and most important one is rareness

Gemstones in Life

What is the Importance of Gemstones in Human Life. Why Astrology Suggest to wear specific Gemstone for individuals based on their horoscope – Science Behind Gemstone Astrology !!