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Divorce or Separation Yoga

To form a couple is human’s destiny but to become seperate is human’s act. still individual’s horoscope plays an important role in this act. Marriage is the important decision of one’s life. As per hindu Mythology when couple gets married, most of the times people make match-making, which is also called compatibility match in western culture. most of the time it works and people enjoy the happy married life but sometimes it doesnt work and leads to seperation or divorce. There are many Astrological reasons for separation or divorce. Read More…

Yoga for Delay in Marriage

Frequently asked Question by Many Readers and Youngsters is ” When my marriage will happen?” or “My Marriage is delayed, when I am going to marry?” For readers who are enthusiastic and having little knowledge of Astrology birth chart can cross check about their Marriage possibilities with the following Yoga in their Kundli. Read More…

Evaluating Your Relationship

We as human beings are sociable creatures , it truly is only natural that we want to get along with those we are near to, and to stay with them by every means possible. Having a sense of where you stand as being a relationship fits right with our most basic desires.

Learning How To Stay Married

Your overwhelming response has inspired us to write on various social aspects and other human features affecting the Social and Professional Life. In regards to that based on our Astrological experience, we are sharing today’s topic is “Learning How to Stay Married”

Marriage And Relationship

Every person whether he is a young man or woman he has his own test, choice, liking, fantasy, demand of sex, own expectations, dreams, approach to the issues of life and many other things.

What is a foundation of marriage? On which the building of marriage stands? How one can make his life happy? These are the questions raising their heads.

Looking to this issue Astrology has a good answer. An expert Astrologer can find out from the horoscope about the demand of sex, test of a person, his thinking about life, likes and dislikes whether he will give respect to his partner’s desire or not and lastly how their bedroom affairs are going to be?

That is why in some country people believe in horoscope matching before marriage.