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Meditating with Crystals

Crystals are a great tool for keeping the mind focused during meditation. You can either touch or simply look at a crystal when you are meditating. What is important is to allow yourself to enter the right state of mind first. The purity and simplicity of crystals can provide a straight and steady connection to the world of the spirit. The vibration between you and the crystal is unique but repeatable -more..

What Are Worry Stones Used For?

Worry stones are used for many purposes by a variety of cultures. worry stones are often carved from semiprecious gemstones and used to relieve tension, worry and stress. also used for calming the mind, meditation, attract Luck and cure boredom.

Marching Mars in Leo

By 16.00 Hrs. IST (+5.30 GMT) on 26th May 2010 Mars will enter in Leo. Leo is a fiery sign of Sun. Mars is a fiery planet. Will collect fiery qualities of Leo and so it will become more fiery. Mars is like a chief of the army and even in Vedic Indian Astrology known as the same “Senapati” Lord of The Army.