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Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is born with Virgo dial, having Neptune in 2nd house in Libra, Saturn and Ketu in Capricorn in the 5th house and Jupiter in the 6th in Aquarius, Read More about Tom Cruise Horoscope…

Global Daily Predictions for 10-20 Oct’10

Global Daily prediction Series from 11th Oct-2010 to 20th Oct-2010, in which you will find predictions on daily basis for the people across the globe.

Global Daily Predictions – 11

This is the Global Daily Prediction (for 01st Aug-2010 to 10th Aug-2010) applied accross the world.if you see things happening in your country or in your life you will feel the same. Planet creates some effects but sometime difference comes only because of tropical and geographical condition of a country.. Still in case of a individual it depends upon his own birth chart. Read more…