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Global Daily Prediction Series from 11th Sep-2010 to 20th Sep-2010, in which you will find predictions on daily basis for the people across the globe. There can be a difference only because of social, tropical and environmental condition of your country. So far an individual person is concerned it can be predicted only from his birth chart.


This is the Global Daily Prediction (for 21st Aug-2010 to 31st Aug-2010) applied accross the world.if you see things happening in your country or in your life you will feel the same. Planet creates some effects but sometime difference comes only because of tropical and geographical condition of a country.. Still in case of a individual it depends upon his own birth chart. Read more…

Astrology Consultation & Remedy

Do you have personal problems related to career, finance, health, relationship, evil eyes etc; then can give you accurate prediction based on your horoscope and Astrological Remedies like yantra, Crystal, Feng shui, rudraksha, Gemstones etc. which can resolve your issue. What are you still waiting for, when you can change your destiny positively!

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