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Bipasha Basu – At Astrology Glance

Bipashu Basu: this Bollywood dazzler started out as a supermodel before scorching the big screen with her sultry sensuality. Bipasha was born on the 7 January 1979 in New Delhi, later moving with her family to Kolkata. Bipasha Basu is born with Pisces dial; her moon sign is Aries, Moon in the 2nd house, highly exaulted Jupiter in 5th house in Cancer. Saturn and Rahu together in Leo in the 6th house. Venus in the 9th house in Scorpio, Sun, Mars and Mercury in the 10th house in Sagittarius. Read More…

Venus entered Virgo – Time for Strengthening Relationship

Venus entered Virgo and became debilitated. This means that Venus loses its ‘Love Power’ all month. Virgo influences Venus in many ways; as overly detail oriented, critical, discriminating and anxious but Virgo is also a gifted healer and teaches us our values.